Friday, February 6, 2009

Podcasting Your Novel: Publishing's Next Wave? Plus more Erotic Zoe...

Scott Sigler shows the way....!
"Can't get your first novel published the traditional way? Build an audience via podcasting and, just maybe, the publishers will come to you. Scott Sigler of San Francisco also missed out on getting his first novel published, with a deal collapsing in late 2001. But like Hutchins, he built a big Internet fan base on novel podcasting." And this lead to a publishing deal that saw 'Infected' released last year. 'Infected' is a rip-roaring horror/sci-fi hybrid of the gross and exciting kind. Seriously, I couldn't put it down.

Scott's TIME debut
And now you can find Scott in Time magazine, his scary eyes watching you, daring you to buy his best-selling followup 'Contagious'. I have a copy of 'Contagious' on my shelf waiting to be read. Hubby has rattled through it and declared it 'Great - I want it to be a really cool film with Tommy Lee Jones in it'. Praise doesn't get much higher than that, I can tell you. I haven't read it yet, and do you know why? Because it's my reward. When I've written 100,000 words of my novel I get to read it. I'm within 20k of that and I have nearly reneged on the deal many times. I can't wait to read it and I'm squeezing in as much writing time as I can so I can get my reward. Plus you can Digg this story to help support Scott. If you don't, he'll know....

More news on 'A Safer Life' by Zoe Winters
Remember when I was having difficulty with writing the first sex scene in my novel and I got some steamy inspiration from Zoe Winters? She writes some great erotic fiction and her short story, 'A Safer Life', is currently leading in the competition in the semi-finals over at Please go over and have a read then vote for her story. Zoe also has published her Paranormal Romance 'Kept' as a free e-book. I know how long it takes to write a book, how many hours go into it and I really glad Zoe entered this competition. She has lots of talent and I would love to see her be rewarded by winning. Support your local writer!