Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kim Evey and Jenni Powell: Celebrating the web video community

Jenni Powell and Kim Evey

The Heart of the Matter
In testing times it is often hard to know what to do to help. There have been many thousands of words written and spoken about the Streamy event last Sunday. That conversation is necessary and worthwhile. The web entertainment community is built by people who want to make things happen, who do not sit back and wait for permission, who, above all, want to make a difference. That might be making people laugh, or think, or escape for a short while. Or make them want to party. Kim and Jenni have stepped up to organise a special event tomorrow.

A Winning Celebration
In the heat of emotions unleashed on Sunday one thing - the one thing that really mattered - was lost:

"In response to a Streamy Awards ceremony that felt like it didn’t serve to fully honor the very deserving winners in all areas of web entertainment, Kim Evey (producer of The Guild) and myself have decided to put together an informal gathering of as many of the winners as are available this Thursday, April 15th for an evening of celebration. We have asked each winner to speak for 1 – 2 minutes on their creation and what working in web video means to them, why they love working in web video, as well as sharing thoughts on the issue of net neutrality, which effects our industry as a whole.

This is not about airing out grievences about the Streamy Awards ceremony, it is about celebrating those who were chosen by their peers as the best representations of web video in a variety of categories..."
(From Jenni Powell's blog)

How you can participate
This event is being held for the web entertainment community. Those who are in the Los Angeles area can attend in person (but please let the organisers know in advance). Everyone else can join in the live stream. These are the details:

Thursday, April 15th at 8 PM PST (7:30 drinks at Amalfi next door)
Acme Comedy Theater
135 S. La Brea Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036-2911

Live stream:

You could also show your appreciation to who donated the funds for renting the Acme by tweeting them (or even buying one of their cool tees)- THANK YOU JINX!

Search for a #tag
I tweeted a short time ago that we are looking for a suitable #tag for twitter so we can all use the same one tomorrow. We've had some suggestions:

(thanks to @theonetruebix, @GrrArrgh and @jennipowell)

If you have a suggestion for a short tag that encapsulates the spirit of the event then let us know!

More about Kim and Jenni
Kim Evey is a web entertainer with years of experience including her own Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show and as producer of The Guild. Kim was a live guest on eGuiders yesterday and you can see the recording here.

Jenni Powell also has years in web entertainment from LonelyGirl15 to Production/Admin Assistant for The Guild and Associate Editor at Tubefilter. Jenni also co-hosts the Knights of The Guild Podcast, which you can listen to here.

Thank you for organising this, Kim and Jenni - you are amazing.

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