Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Time flies

A web, taken on my iPhone last week. It's all connected.

It used to be just you and me...
...hanging out over here, me writing something terribly earnest about Joss, or The Guild, or Firefly, or something geeky, and you reading it and moving on. I've been a terrible host recently. I never write. I never call. I never send flowers...

In good company
Louis Gray (I value his opinion on most matters) wrote a post this week about how he hasn't blogged much recently. Louis now works for Google+ and is doing a fantastic job for them. It tweaked my conscience, and then today I had to look up when the IAWTV elections were, so I headed over here and realised how long it's been.

Gone, but not forgotten
Blogging here started me on a path that has taken me to many, many places I never thought I would go. Just over a week ago I sat next JANE ESPENSON on a panel about webseries at Geek Girl Con, after she accepted my invitation to share her experiences on her new series, HUSBANDS. On the panel were amazingly talented and passionate creators. If you had told me that would happen four years ago I would have made you a nice cup of tea to soothe your obviously over-worked imagination. I've written about Jane here because she has had such a huge impact on my life and writing. I didn't get to tell her that at the panel, but one day...

One day...
Dudes, I'm sorry for neglecting you. Seriously. This blog will never go away, even if I have to abandon it from time to time while life gets in the way. Don't forget I am all over the place and I love to hear from people. I usually respond pretty quickly and if I don't, give me a nudge. So come and find me if you ever want a natter: (which is my unweildy Google+ profile URL)

The 'Women in Webseries' panel, parts 1 & 2 from @Ackernon

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