Friday, April 23, 2010

Facebook: Privacy FTW! Plus how to add a like button to Blogger

I'm on Facebook - are you? Have you changed your Privacy settings yet?
Note: Edited to include link to Louis Gray's discussion about the changes, below.

Social Media - I Love It!
Occasionally I have the urge to write about tech. Then I look at all the tech bloggers and know they have pretty much got it covered. Facebook has made some massive changes this week and you should really really make it your business to check out your profiles and make sure you are sharing the information you intend to. You might decide to leave everything as it is and that's fine. Facebook can now (with your permission) track you all across the web and all your likes and habits will be lovingly stored and pondered upon. The thing is that you might have already given your permission without realising it because you have to opt out of sharing.

Over to the Professionals...
Here's some articles you might like to read about the changes and what they mean. They range from "Oh my God the skynet is falling" to "Relax, all these corporations know all your secrets anyway". Share or share not, there is no "keep it the way it was". Just share whatever you are going to share knowingly (sorry but my go-to tech blogger, Louis Gray hasn't blogged about this yet. EDIT: Louis has posted a discussion on Buzz about this which is very interesting. Recommended reading.):

How do you Like That?
Having read all that (yeah, I know you read them all and you get a special invisible badge - go you!), you might have noticed that I've added a Facebook Like button to this blog (see the end of the post).  The reason I did this so quickly was in no small part due to an ace Friendfeed widget guru, A J Batac. AJ is a a great Freindfeeder who adds a lot to the community there and shares his expertise generously. After making a Wordpress Facebook like widget in super-quick time he then made one for Blogger. Because I asked him to. How awesome is that?? Thanks AJ!

It's really simple so go to AJ's blog and get the details if you want to add the Facebook Like button to your Blogger or Wordpress site.

Oh - and I'll be back to 'proper' business tomorrow with details about new webseries you are going to love...


  1. w00t! My pleasure. Hope it helps everyone with Blogger/Wordpress blogs. :)

  2. :) I'm sure they are going to helps lots of people, AJ!