Saturday, May 23, 2009

Twitter, uStream and Felicia Day

The Guild USTREAM 'End of Season 2' Party

Twitter 202: Trending Topics
If you use Twitter you've probably noticed the 'Trending Topics' list. This picks up the most popular topics on Twitter. Now, the system is flawed but can still do remarkable things.  It picks up the frequently-used words or '# tagged' words on Twitter. And on Tuesday, The Guild (or rather '#theguild') took Twitter by storm.

The Guild Season 2 is now released on Amazon!
To celebrate the actual release on Amazon @theguild announced a Twitter contest on Tuesday that was open to all Guild fans (wherever they are. Actually, it said international entries welcome, but imagine if the @Astro_Mike, apparently from the shuttle Atlantis, had entered? The P&P might have been a bit steep! Then again, we know that he really didn't Twitter from space...). All you had to do was give a fake DVD extra and include the #theguild tag in a tweet - simple - to win some a copy of the DVD plus extras! (NOTE: the competition was only open on Tuesday but more competitions are coming...). And Felicia (@feliciaday) also announced that if #theguild became a Trending Topic she would do a live USTEAM broadcast today (Saturday).

You can order Season 2 using this link (which is The Guild's affiliate link and gives them a little extra money without costing you anything) and it's totally worth it. I can't wait for mine to arrive! Some people received their pre-ordered DVDs on Tuesday (thanks @may_gun!).

Within hours, #theguild was top of Trending Topics
...and there were hundreds of entries to the competition. There was a real buzz around Twitter and it was fun to be a part of spreading the word about The Guild! Even the inevitable spammer couldn't dampen spirits and the lucky winners were selected and announced.

And now - USTREAM!
So this afternoon at 5:00 PM Pacific time Felicia will be live on The Guild USTREAM channel and you can leave questions for her now. Cool, huh? Meet you there!

P.S. - Podcast Audiobook Update
Chapters 1 to 5 of "Turning Left at Albuquerque" are now up at, and yesterday we put up the first Omnibus so you can listen to the whole story so far in one 26 min episode. We've had some good feedback so far so if you're enjoying it please leave a comment here or at Podbean!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Podcast-tastic! Knights of the Guild and Turning Left...

Firstly, "thank you"s (and you can correct the grammar at will for that) go to:
Kenny and Jenni for inviting me to take part in the new "Knights of The Guild" podcast which is now out. We spoke last Sunday and it was great to actually talk to people I have been conversing with on Twitter and The Guild Chat for a long time! Also on the podcast is a roundup of what's been happening for Guild cast and crew and a great interview with Jared Hoy, chief lighting technician for The Guild.

And more thanks.... all those who have tuned into the "Turning Left at Albuquerque" audiobook podcasts so far. We released Chapter 4 today, with Chapter 5 out on Monday. We are going to be releasing chapters every Monday and Friday and after every 5 chapters we'll do an omnibus. So next Friday chapters 1-5 will be out - neat, huh? :)

We have a Facebook group for the podcast so please join if you are on Facebook. And you can subscribe and never miss an episode in iTunes or any other podcatcher via a link on the Podbean site. I hope you're enjoying them. We're certainly having fun creating them, and having Lord Poncenby and BREW onboard gives us an extra dimension!

Fox To Renew Dollhouse?! (Celebratory Dushku Slideshow)

The low-rated Friday night show was last seen given up for dead by the media in a field somewhere but its DVR numbers are strong.

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New chapter of Dollhouse to screen at Comic-Con first

The next chapter of Dollhouse - directed by Joss Whedon - will be screening exclusively at Comic-Con in San Diego in July.

And we all know who's in that episode, don't we? Felicia Day FTW!

Yeah, I'm not going to be there but I can be happy for those who will be. Really. I can. 

Monday, May 11, 2009

Season Two Recap 

Want to start watching "The Guild" but afraid of getting lost in the complex plot and tangled web of relationships? We think you might have us confused with another show but try this full recap of season two anyway. 

Friday, May 8, 2009

Dollhouse and Castle: They deserve another season (or five!)

It's the season climax tonight on Dollhouse...
And I won't be watching. Huh? No, it's true, I won't. It's not that I don't want to, but rather that Hulu has decided to lock down even more and so Hotspot Shield doesn't work. I've missed the last three episodes of Dollhouse, my DVR isn't working and so I am resigned to not watching because I'd rather wait for the DVD to come out (Miracle Laurie is my new favourite actor!). I'll be honest, the first few episodes of Dollhouse did not thrill me, which has been one of the reasons I've not really blogged about it.  But from episode 6, "Man on the Street" it became the show I always hoped it would be and I was hooked. I ordered the DVD because I also wanted to see the unaired Felicia Day episode, too. One day we will find out the whole story behind this season. I can wait.

Campaign to save Dollhouse
There is one, of course. There's rumours, counter-rumours and downright speculation over whether Dollhouse will be renewed or not. And what the best way to ensure it is. There are various campaigns and Whedonesque has some details. I would say one easy and effective way is to send a tweet to @Foxbroadcasting telling them how much you enjoy the show.

Meanwhile Nathan Fillion's hugely enjoyable new series, Castle, is also apparently under the threat of cancellation. Castle is entertaining, witty and has Nathan Fillion in nearly every scene. I don't think I need to say more! And Nathan Fillion is now on Twitter, which is interesting...And - have you seen the cartoons this week featuring Nathan? Well check them out - hi-larious!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"Jack Wakes Up" - your ticket to the seamy underbelly...

Seth Harwood writes a rattling good read
It'll rattle your teeth and your nerve! If you enjoy a strong story with the generous use of invective, violence and crims galore - this is most definitely the book for you. 

Readers who like their hard-boiled crime fiction violent and gritty will cheer Harwood’s debut… taut prose and fast pacing bode well for future entries in the series.” -- Publisher's Weekly
And you don't even need to take my word for it. Jack Wakes Up is released today and the great thing is you can try before you buy. For starters you can download the first three chapters as a PDF. Or you can go and listen to the podcast. And then - buy the book today and help make Jack Wakes Up secure it's place in podcasting's glorious history. All the details on how and where to buy are on Seth's website. And, because Seth knows about the future of book publishing, you can also buy the ebook version, too.

A venerable podcaster
Seth has been podcasting for a long time. Don't let his boyish charm fool you - he is a hard-hitting author who has been grafting at the coal face. In this video Seth shows us around his podcasting set up and explains how podcasting has worked for him.

If you want to hear a great interview with Seth, he spoke to Joanna Penn from The Creative Penn last week.

Why buying the book today matters
Book publishing is hard to get into. Publishers don't want to take a chance. By buying "Jack Wakes Up" today, on Cinco de Harwood, it gives the clear message that podcasters can build an audience that love their work - and will put their hands in their pockets and buy books. That's a powerful message. Be part of the revolution.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Microsoft orders third season of The Guild

Microsoft has ordered another season of Internet sensation "The Guild."YES!!!!! Read the rest of the article to find out when/where - good news everyone!

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Podcast Mania! Chapter One now live :)

Work *can* be fun!
I've not slept much over the last few days, but I couldn't be happier. Chapter One of my novel "Turning Left at Albuquerque" is now up as a podcast on I've been working on it with my wonderful hubby and it's been lots of fun. Years ago we were in a band and spent many long hours in various studios recording. It was a very different experience - we still have the enormous 24-track tapes in the garage from one session (yes - actual tapes!). But the thrill of producing something hasn't faded over time, and I hope you enjoy the results.

Patronage from an unexpected source
And you might notice that the podcast has a sponsor, British Radioweb Entertainment Worldwide. Their spokesperson, Lord Poncenby, has assumed the role of Master of Ceremonies, a role he is more than fit for. 

Knights of The Guild news!
And at the end of Chapter one you will hear a promo for the Knights of The Guild podcast. This is essential listening for any fan of The Guild as it covers news of the cast and crew, interviews and also fan interviews. Last night I was very privileged to be interview by Kenny and Jenni for the forthcoming episode. It was lots of fun! I'll let you know when that episode is up.

Putting it out there
Aside from the work involved in doing something like writing a book or producing a podcast/webseries/art is the risk involved. People might not like it or be indifferent. It might change the way people think about you. For me this podcast is bringing together my online life and my 'real' life. That's a little bit scary. But it's worth it. 

Joining in
If you enjoy the podcast you can comment on the Podbean site, make a comment here, join the Face group or @ me on Twitter. I'd really like to know what you think! Chapter two will be out on Friday 8th May, so not much time to wait to find out what happens to Jason next....!