Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A VERY ZOMBIE HOLIDAY (Instructional video)

A Very Zombie Holiday....

You might recognise some of these fearless Fifties hostesses - directed by one Mr Sean Becker.

And in other news - the holiday teaser for Mind My Brains, Darling! will be out tomorrow!

Zombie Christmas FTW!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Seasons Picks! All I want for Christmas...

Isabelle illustrates the opposite of my last few weeks

'Tis the Season to make lists!
I actually enjoy making lists. To illustrate that fact, here's a list of the lists I've made recently:
  • Things To Do. 
  • Christmas Things To Do.
  • Really Important Things To Do.
One of the items on all the lists was 'do some frakking blog posts you lazy frakker'. This is really unfair because:
  • I've been really busy and not at all lazy
  • calling yourself names when making lists is probably a sign of mental distress
  • the distress being caused by have too much to do, which underlines the fact that I'm not lazy. 
  • Meh
  • I have a cold *cough* *cough* 
EDIT: I started this yesterday and our interview with PopCultureMonster has since come out so here's another category: Something to Read: Interview with Higlet Films.
    Back to the lists...
    I have some wonderful seasonal diversions and gift suggestions that might have passed you by and I'm going to try something new - the 'Something to watch/Something to buy/Something to listen to/Something to support' list. If it works out I may do more - so let me know. YOU'RE WELCOME!

    Something to Watch
    Sean Becker. Jeff Lewis. Assorted Guildies and associates. Mix, lace with profanity and serve shaken, not stirred, over a humorous bed of NSFW. That is the The Jeff Lewis 5-Minute Comedy Hour.

    Here's the latest (shot on location) - Episode VI: Hawaii

    Something to Buy:

    "Songs The Brother's Warner Taught Me" - this album from the indomitable Megan Lynch (@may_gun) is a Christmas Gift winner on many levels (warning, new list ahead):
    • So many memories from a youth spent glued to the TV watching Loonie Tunes
    • A wide range of styles and moods all brought together in one delicious album
    • A unique collection of songs, many of which have no other recent recordings
    • Supporting a truly independent and hugely talented artist
    • Bonus tracks if you download/buy NOW!
    I reviewed the album here and you can find out about her Holiday Giveaway on her site.

    Something to listen to:
    I'm going to cheat on the list straight away and recommend 2 shows. I don't always get time to listen to longer podcasts so they are stacking up at a rate of knots. This week I listened to:

    New Mediacracy Episode 18
    Zadi Diaz, Steve Woolf  and Chris McCaleb are joined by Barrett Garese, Brett Register, Craig Frank and Jamie Blair and chat about what web video entertainment is/should be/could be/isn't. Fascinating debate from this all-too-infrequent podcast.

    Indie Intertube Episode 48
    This weekly podcast is broadcast live (usually on a Wednesday) and has an active online forum. Destini and Shadhavar are great hosts with an encyclopedic knowledge of the webseries community: the people, the shows and the gossip :) Last week covered lots of webseries including Pretty, Diary of a Single Mom and Hard Drive 13. Plus they usually devote the second half to call-ins and this episode includes Joe Wilson (Vampire Mob). You can tune in this week for more updates and guests.

    Something to Support:
    Ok, cheating again as there are two causes you should know about, and you can vote daily for both:

    Knights of The Guild - Podcast Awards: Entertainment category
    Kenny. Jenni. Guildies. News. Views. Interviews...this show has everything if you are even remotely interested in The Guild, so vote for them because they are awesome.

    Browncoats: Redemption - Mashable Awards: Most Creative Social Good Campaign
    There was a write up of the award today, and if you don't know about Browncoats: Redemption, the fan-made film set in the Firefly/Serenity 'Verse that is raising money for charity, then get over to their site and order your copy today! Mine has pride of place :)