Monday, June 29, 2009

One day after her birthday, Felicia Day FIRES one of The Guild crew!

Shocking Tweet rocks Guild community....
About two hours ago this milestone Tweet issued forth from the computer of Felicia Day. This only hours after she completed another grueling 14 hours on the set of Season 3. Perhaps she had one slice too many of the gorgeous birthday cake her boyfriend brought to the set that featured real doubloons harvested by some of Ms Day's many servants from a sunken Spanish galleon so she could play 'The Story of the World' with real pieces:

A video tribute from the fans
And even though a special video tribute from her fans, expertly edited by @maxsummers was featured on Felicia's blog yesterday in honour of her *cough*th birthday it didn't calm her down. When Felicia returned home from filming she saw what her fans had done and had this to say:

"OMG you guys!" (edited for space)

Has Season 3 tipped Red over the edge?
After the rip-roaring success of The Guild Season 1 and 2 - perhaps the most successful webseries about a dysfunctional set of online gamers ever made - the pressure to scale new heights for Season 3 has left Ms Day prone to sleepiness, paranoia and hypochondria. A quick look at her Twitter stream reveals a woman on the edge...

Known for her savage temper
Most people are too scared to speak up about the cruel treatment they have received at Ms Day's hands but a few brave souls have. @DeliciaFay, the long-term supporter of Ms Day, has hinted on her website of past violence. And Kim Evey, the beautiful and multi-talented producer of The Guild shared this with me in an interview last year:

EWoH: Is Felicia as mean as people say she is?  
KE: No, she is much meaner. You people have no idea. One time she ate a baby.

EWoH: Has she ever assaulted you personally? 
KE: She threw a thimble full of booze in my face.
And the recent #feliciadayrumors on Twitter were full of stories of her rampant ego and swift anger - who knows how many real incidents were masked behind the hashtag?

Who is Sean Becker?
Good question! Twitter, Facebook and The Guild Chat have frequently debated this very point. He is apparently the director and editor of Season 2 and now Season 3 of The Guild and the IMDb for him is impressive. But who is he, really? #iamseanbecker is a frequent meme on Twitter and now some joker has registered on Facebook. Perhaps we will never know the truth about the person behind the name of the person behind the shock firing of a person by Felica Day today. Or something. But it could be this person:

Hopes for Season 3
With Season 3 of The Guild so near to completion we can only pray that whatever prompted Felicia to fire Sean can be repaired, and quick. Reports of new waves of Guild Deficiency Syndrome are sweeping the nation and we MUST have our next fix. Must have....more Guild...more Guild...more...

After the traumatic Tweet the sock-waves continue - read the next installment and SEE Sean Becker's stunning video response!


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  7. But you can't be fired Dani...The Guild Universe would cease to be!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  9. :) thanks, Jeff!

    There is a follow up story today - MORE SHOCKING REVELATIONS!

  10. Now finally someone is strong enough to shout out the pure truth about FD. I support you and stand strong behind you when Felicia Day unpacks her shotgun and aims at you (cautiously wearing a bulletproof vest, me not you).

    I send you strength,

    Lydia (aka tibits)