Saturday, March 31, 2012

Felicia is no April Fool - get your Geek on Tomorrow!

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Earlier this week Felicia Day announced that she would be hosting a TEN HOUR GOOGLE+ HANGOUT MARATHON to promote her new programmes on her new YouTube 'Geek and Sundry' channel. With a whole new stable of shows in the pipeline there is bound to be something for everyone. AND it's a fundraiser for charity, too.

Today the schedule has been published for tomorrow's event so you can plan your day accordingly:

10:00am – Welcome to the Hangout!
10:30am – Yoga with Alicia Marie
11:00am – Introducing our charity: Best Friends Animal Society
11:20am – Sword & Laser Show interview with co-host Tom Merritt
11:40am – J!NX Tee-shirt Giveaway with the owners and creators
12:00pm – The Art of Web Series Panel: Featuring Kim Evey (The Guild), Tony V (Black Box TV), Wilson Cleveland (Leap Year), and Tina Cesa Ward (Anyone But Me)
1:00pm – LIVE Fan Art Contest! We want submissions from YOU – draw and win prizes based on chat votes!
1:40pm – Chat with Steve Dengler of MegaCynics (CHARITY SPONSOR)
2:00pm – Novel Writer’s Panel: “Creating Great Characters” with Patrick Rothfuss (Name of the Wind), John Scalzi (Old Man’s War), Amber Benson (Death’s Daughter)
3:00pm – YOMYOMF Chat with Kev Jumba
3:30pm – Dark Horse Motion Comics Chat with Erik Bruhwiler, Animator and Producer
4:00pm – Cryptozoic Trading Cards Opening (CHARITY SPONSOR)
4:30pm – LIVE DANCE BREAK and Fan Dance competition to Public domain songs!
5:00pm – “Romance in Video Games” chat with Dragon Age creator David Gaider
5:30pm – “Indie Video Games: How To” with Bastion creator Greg Kasavin
6:00pm - “Casual Games: Designing Good Ones” with PopCap producer Matthew Johnson (Bejeweled, Peggle)
6:30pm – E-Sports! Chat with Day[9]TV’s Sean Plott
7:00pm – Chris Hardwick talks Nerdist YouTube Channel
7:30pm – NASA Astronomers Chat with Carolyn Brinkworth and Robert Hurt
8:00pm – LIVE Crowd Source writing “Geek and Sundry”, the one hour buddy drama.
9:00pm – WORLD PREMIERE: The Guild cast members Sandeep Parikh & Robin Thorsen and more perform to the fan-written “Geek and Sundry”
9:30pm – FIRE SALE; Give away remaining Prizes
9:50pm – GRAND PRIZE Giveaway!!!
Yes, it is April Fool's Day tomorrow but no, this isn't a joke. I mean, you can trust Felicia, can't you? She would never try and trick people*. With lots of audience participation built in, so many prizes to be won and a great line up I am curious to see how the Google servers hold up!

It all kicks off tomorrow at 10:00 AM PT on Google + here:

See you there!

* You know, I don't keep score or bear a grudge. But Rick Roll. That's all I'm going to say.

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