Monday, March 19, 2012

Geek And Sundry Horrible Husbands

Hopefully the companion book to Horrible 2 is being prepped even now!

Yes, that headline wrote itself
Wow, it's finally 2012 on this blog - the first post this year?? How does that even happen? It's fitting that this is a summary post designed to bring you up to date on some special projects.

Dr Horrible 2 - out soon? and many other outlets have reported that Joss has hinted that it is possible that the sequel to Dr Horrible might be filming soon. Hopefully. If scheduling can be worked out. That's great news and certainly something to look out for.

Geek and whatnow?
Kim and Felicia revealed all at Wondercon this weekend. Even more than their smooch at the IAWTV Awards this has fired people up into a frenzy of anticipation - revel in the geekiness:

The Flog! Just like the old days! Except in video form! Yay! :)

Husbands 2 Kickstarter off to a great start!
Did I mention I was on a panel with Jane Espenson last year....? Anyway, the hugely successful (and very funny) webseries has just started a funding round on Kickstarter for Season 2 and they are already well on the way to raising the needed $50,000. Good luck to Jane, Cheeks and the team - I'm sure they will raise way beyond the goal in no time at all. But don't leave it to chance. Help fund them now if you can!


  1. The Flog was an old iteration of Felicia's Blog that was full of her musings and anecdotes :)