Monday, December 28, 2009

Reviewing "Songs the Brothers Warner Taught Me" by Megan Lynch

From now until September 8th 2010 YOU decide what to pay for the album - here's all the details! Please be generous :)

Where to start?
I've been friends with Megan for some time now. We met online through a shared love of Whedon and The Guild and we chat regularly. When Megan started talking about an album she was putting together I was really interested. Having recorded my fair share of music and put together a couple of albums I had an idea of how hard it is to organise - never mind actually perform - when you have limited resources and time. The result of all her work, though, bears testament to determination and sheer talent - and what talent.

A Smorgabord of awesome
"Songs the Brothers Warner Taught Me" runs through a range of styles and Megan does each justice, and more. From the bluesy, woozy vocals in "Blues in the Night" where you can feel the humidity, to the touching harmonies of "It Can't Be Wrong" and the sultriness of "Blues in The Night", the emotion and musicality shines through. It goes without saying that the musicians play a very important in the success of the music, too, and there are some excellent performances.

Listening to the album really takes me away from the here and now.

When I was talking about it to hubby I told him that in places it reminded me of Bladerunner. At one stage I had the Vangelis soundtrack to Bladerunner and I played it over and over - not because I really like synthesisers (which I don't particularly), but because I loved the fusion of old and new. "One More Kiss, Dear" was my favourite and I'd love to hear Megan do a version (hint, hint!). And it's that feeling of old and new that I particularly enjoy in "Songs the Brothers Warner Taught Me". Many of the songs are familiar to me but I've not heard them performed in this way before. There is an intimacy about the performances that really evoke a response as if they were live. That and the sheer joy of listening to someone revelling in their talent - Megan has an amazing voice which she uses to great effect - makes it hard to not be moved.

What sort of music is it?
If you have no concept of what music the Warners Brothers might have taught anyone, think of old-school cartoons like the Merrie Melodies "One Froggy Evening" or better yet - go to and listen to the album. You can buy it from there or from iTunes, or CD Baby. I highly recommend you checking it out. It's probably not something that you've heard before and you just might love it as much as I do. Happy holidays!

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