Saturday, August 9, 2014

Felicia Day Makes a Legendary Decision

Felicia has something to smile about
Late to the news, but huge congratulations to Legendary Entertainment for managing to broker a deal with video legend, Felicia Day, for the Geek & Sundry YouTube channel.

Ms Day has a fearsome reputation for insisting on being fairly compensated for her ground-breaking work and keeping control of her intellectual property (it sounds logical, but how many creators have lost these rights to their own work over the years?) In 2009, when The Guild was the subject of intense negotiations with various parties, Ms day stuck to her guns and came out with a deal with MSN/Xbox that allowed her to keep ownership of her work.

It's too early to know what this might mean in terms of cross-platform work, but there is every reason to be excited about this news.

From GMAOnline:

Day reiterated her excitement: "As someone who's been working in digital entertainment for eight years, I am excited to see my company grow with Legendary, and to be able to keep making award-winning content within the changing digital landscape. And as a creator, I look forward to making fantastic things together, bringing projects I am passionate about to all platforms."

It's easy to forget that YouTube was launched less than ten years ago, Amazon is only just ten years old, and iTunes was released less than 20 years ago. In that short time the way entertainment is created and distributed has undergone a phenomenal change. Creators have not always negotiated the new reality well, and future-proofing contracts to protect works is an on-going challenge.

Congratulations to Ms Day (and Kim Evey and Sheri Bryant, who set up Geek & Sundry with Ms Day in 2012) for showing that it is possible to forge your own path and create a future that is, well, legen - wait for it -

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