Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dr Horrible, The Guild and Contagious

I'm sure you know this already but just in case... 
The Dr Horrible DVD is now available for pre-order from And the great news is that there have been so many pre-orders already that the price has been reduced twice and is now $9.99. Please use this link to because if you do, Joss and co get a referral fee. You will also be able to view the original trailer and a sneaky-peek of the extras in the form of Neil Patrick Harris talking about Dr Horrible. And the even better news is that the CD is also available for pre-order at Looks like it's going to be a Horrible Christmas...

The Guild Season 2 finishes filming
...very soon. As Felicia said in her recent interview (!) they are five days of filming to finish up Season 2. They have up to Episode 7 in the bag already and now they are completing the season. they started yesterday and they have had some special visitors to the set. Cricket Lee, who kindly gave us the great interview after she went to the Dr Horrible/The Guild Whedonopolis Halloween event, and Edgar Garcia, the 'Edgar of all trades' who is also Webmaster for and Felicia's website. Cricket is going to be an extra and hopefully we are going to see Edgar on the screen as well. With any luck, we will hear more from Cricket soon!

Soma, from the Community site, set up a group campaigning for Edgar to be on The Guild. Felicia has said how important Edgar is a number of times (although don't spread that around - his ego doesn't need to get any bigger) so this is a brilliant example of how doing something good can be rewarded. Not that Edgar asked for a reward, but it gives you a warm feeling to know that people appreciate what you do. I may have teared up when I realised he was going to be there...yes, I am soppy, so sue me!

News from the set
Well one thing is certain - no spoilers are going to be posted around! This is for two reasons: Felicia has said that she doesn't want any spoilers released and no-one wants to upset Felicia (remember my Kim Evey interview? You don't want to get on the wrong side of Felicia...). Seriously, though, I am very happy about this and I'm sure that the reason we haven't heard any rumours are that people respect what Felicia is doing and do not want to ruin it. In this cynical world that's a great thing. But we do know that Sandeep had an action-packed day yesterday. And we also know that Felicia, generous soul that she is, has passed her cold on. You might say she was Contagious...

News from the Sigler
And as if to help me with linking this eclectic post together, Scott Sigler has posted Episode 1 of 'Contagious' as a podcast today. Contagious is the follow-up to the supremely horrible 'Infected'. And by that I mean that 'Infected' was gory, suspenseful and full of horror. Contagious is due for release on December but, as with 'Infected', Scott is giving it all away, bit by delicious bit. But you'll be buying the book. Believe me, you'll be buying the book! Mr Sigler is a very fluffy bunny of a person (he loves people referring to him like that) and gets his kicks knowing that he is doing good works. Which is the only explanation that works when you consider that he is giving it all away on his site this Christmas! Yes, you can make your own deliciously spine-tingly gifts  courtesy of the Future Dark Overlord (tm). Get your arts-and-crafts hats on because here is all you need to create a DVD for your friends containing over 50 hours of unabridged audiobooks in MP3 format:
  • NOCTURNAL Episodes 1-5
How cool is that?! Go to his website and there are instructions and even a DVD insert and label designs (yes, you need to supply your own gluestick and blank DVDs, don't be a cheapskate!).