Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Guild S2, Ep2 now up and more Felicia Interviews

Maybe I can learn to love MSN Video. 
It could happen. At the moment this is how I am viewing The Guild Season 2, so I'm getting used to it, at least. I could use XBox Live but that would mean getting off the computer (not happening at the moment!) or, if I have had one, a Zune. But it's MSN Video at the moment and, you know, it's not that bad, just very different to YouTube. It looks slicker and the difference in the sound and picture quality is very noticeable. Episode 2 is now released and...well it had me laughing out loud and I have my new catchphrase! I'll share it later once you've seen it - it's up on MSN Video and if you lose the link just look for 'What's Hot' - it's bound to be there! And I've just noticed that it's also now available directly from the WatchTheGuild.com front page - sweeeeet :)

Felicia on The Game Show from thestream.tv
Ms Day was a busy lady last week (you know, for a change!) and did lots of interviews (ahem), including a live interview. Now think about that for a moment. It's one thing to do an interview where you can ask for edit or brush your hair if you need too but live - pretty much anything can happen. It was broadcast on thestream.tv live and the great thing about it was that not only was it live, anyone and everyone could participate, ask questions and make comments because of the nifty chat feature that is available during all the live broadcasts. 

Wrath of The Day
There is now an edited version available to view or download entitled 'Wrath of The Day' (think about it) and I recommend it. The Game Show is about gaming and there is discussion about World of Warcraft but lots and lots more. Like how Felicia angered Neil Patrick Harris during a signing session, saucy Cheetos revelations and who the top 7 red-headed game characters are (some surprises there - no Amy from Sonic, for a start!). I was introduced to thestream.tv recently by my Guildie friend Cricket Lee and it's really growing on me. I used to love live shows on Tv when I was young because of the excitement of knowing you didn't know what was going to happen next (Tiswas - I heart you!). Add to that the fact that it's on your computer AND you can participate and it is a tempting proposition. These are professionally produced shows and it's worth having a look through the wide variety that's on offer.

The Desert Bus For Hope
Felicia also did an interview with The Desert Bus who are raising money for Child's Play Charity. It is the second year that LoadingReadyRun.com have done this event and they have already raised $50,000. They took questions from people to ask Felicia, including one from a certain Edgar Garcia...I am going to listen to the rest of the interview later today but the bits I've heard so far have been very funny (how much rivalry is there between Felicia and Jeff Lewis?!). You can Digg their attempt, too - the more people know about it, the longer they will be out there...