Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Guild Season 2 DVD: Pre-order now!

Don't fret - Felicia and Kim have delegated at last!
Last summer, after The Guild Season 1 swept up awards and garnered praise and fans in vast amounts, thoughts turned to a DVD release. Amazingly as it might seem, all the posting, shipping and handling for the Season 1 DVDs was done by Felicia, Kim Evey and anyone else Felicia could rope into helping. This was a massive undertaking and Felicia posted an impassioned blog entry about the horrors of businessing (yes, it must be a proper word - Felicia used it!).

This year, Amazon.com is taking the strain
But there is no need to worry about Felicia and the Post Office 'assistant' this year because all the orders are being handled by Amazon.com. Season 2 is available for pre-order with a release date of 19th May. There is also a special offer on at the moment:

Amazon Exclusive DVD + Digital Bundle
Pre-order The Guild - Season Two from Amazon.com and watch it for free on release day from Amazon Video On Demand. Here's how (restrictions apply). And find out how it all started: pre-order your copy of The Guild - Season One today. 

You can also order Season 1 - well worth it to see how it all began! 

Amazon.com Associate
You might notice that there is a new widget at the side of my blog today - one advertising The Guild Season 2 DVD as an Amazon Associate. I took the plunge to do this just to see how it might work out. The returns are small (especially as my bank is not in the US!) so this is an experiment. If you click on it an purchase during that 'session' I get 4% back as a voucher for Amazon.com.