Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Guild plus IFightDragons: four videos and a podcast!

Sometimes the Internet is like a bus...
You wait for ages then four great videos arrive at once! Oh, wait - that's not really like a bus, is it? Unless it's a geek bus...Anyway! This morning on Twitter (I happening to have it open, it's not like I was looking to be distracted - stop judging me!) there was a series of wonderful events, the upshot of which was the watching of four new videos.

New 'Behind the Scenes' videos from The Guild Season 2
@geekyfanboy tweeted this morning that there were two new videos out: 'Meet the Characters' and 'Meet the Extras'. And he should know since he since he edited the 'Meet the Extras' video! They are available from MSN video and Xbox marketplace. Or you could watch them from here:

Both are excellent and the 'Extras' video hosts a plethora of familiar names whom you can follow on Twitter: @Crixlee @DerekHousman @ZackFinfrock @Ryon_D @BrettRegister@lawrencedenes @egspoony @Hygena @nikhaiku

A new Guild Fan Vid!
And then Kenny (@geekyfanboy) did it again and linked to a new Fan Vid by Jared Cicon (@JaredCicon) in which he....well watch and find out! It's very funny!

And then...another fan vid, but this time for IFightDragons
My good friend, Dani (@maxsummers), is a dab hand at editing and she has created a fan video for the new Internet sensations IFightDragons (@IFightDragons, naturally enough!). Their brand of guitar-based greatness that is "Heads up, Hearts down" has been wonderfully animated. Enjoy!

And finally - a podcast! Or two....
I'm sure you're already subscribed to the 'Knights of The Guild' podcast (if not - why not?). They have interviews, news and the inside track on all the cast and crew of The Guild. Another great feature is that they interview fans - and I'm going to be interviewed for the next show! I'm really pleased to have been asked and I'm really looking forward to it - thank you for asking me :)

Or two...
And I have some news. Yes, I've not been blogging here much. This is a temporary hiatus because I've been even more super-busy than normal, and I have an announcement. Next Monday I'll be launching  a podcast of my own! Whooo! Seriously - I'm so stoked about this. I've been vigorously editing my book, 'Turning Left at Albuquerque'. I had toyed with the idea of podcasting like Scott Sigler and Sethharwood and all the other great podcaster/writers. So, you'll be able to hear the first five chapters over the next 5 weeks, with an omnibus at the end. The feedback we've had so far has been really good and I hope you'll enjoy it. I've put up a promo on the podcast website. Expect more content there soon! But I wanted to share it (couldn't keep a lid on it anymore!) with you now. So then....Comments? Questions?