Tuesday, May 24, 2011

RIP MyBlogLog - is there an alternative?

Never more will I see this image, RIP MyBlogLog

The May 24th Deadline is here
Sometimes you cling on to things even though you know that there are probably better alternatives. MyBlogLog was one of those things. I have Google Analytics, but the easy summary dashboard view of MyBlogLog gave me a quick overview of how things were going on my various websites at a glance on one page. I never found another site that allowed that and I didn't spend much time looking. It worked and I liked it, so there was no incentive to change.

Yahoo's dead bury the dead?
As from this morning, mybloglog.com defaults to yahoo.com with not even even a transition page in between. MyBlogLog has ceased to be, and although it is still in Yahoo search, the links simply take you back to Yahoo, which isn't very helpful. Then again, what would they do instead? Put up a static page explaining how they didn't know what to do with this nifty platform once they had it, so they just let it atrophy into nothing?

Is there an alternative?
When I blogged about MyBlogLog's impending demise One True Fan stepped in and pointed out in the comments that they would be producing metrics very similar to MyBlogLog. Not a surprise since many of that team helped set up MyBlogLog in the first place. I had already joined One True Fan because of Louis Gray, but I'm still not entirely sure how I switch over. While I don't mind 'checking in' to sites that use it, I don't really want to have One True Fan running on all my browsers and all my websites. I've looked through the info on their site and I'm still not sure what I'm supposed to do. So, back to you, One True Fan....

What are YOU using as an alternative?
Has anyone else found a MyBlogLog substitute for metrics? If you have, please share!


  1. It was too bad as it was a site of important backlinks. Thanks for the advise on One True Fan!

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