Friday, June 28, 2013

It's Felicia Day! Er...Felicia's Day! Felicia's Birthday!

An imaginary friend, in 2009
Someone asked me recently how I could imagine that people I met on the Internet were 'real' friends when we have never talked or even seen each other. They used Facebook to keep in touch with people they knew IRL, but couldn't imagine making new friends via the Internet, and likened them to imaginary friends. It was hard not to pity them.

When we first  moved to Canada, some of the first new friends I made were online. They were, and are, more than virtual friends. One of those friends is celebrating her birthday today. Not with fancy-schmancy LA glitz, but with a muscle car, Rock Jocks and home-style cooking. There might even be collard greens. And to start the day right - Twinkies:

In 2010, she had a very different day. And in 2009, when filming The Guild Season 3, she had a wonderful party on set, with a pirate cake and everything. But that didn't stop her firing Emmy Award-Winning director Sean Becker one day after her birthday.

Happy Birthday, Felicia! You are one of my favourite imaginary friends :)

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