Saturday, June 21, 2008

Getting The Message Across - Universal HD Shindig today!

Yep, the Shindigs go on
Over at the Universal HD Firefly Message Boards you will find, on any given Saturday, a likely band of Browncoats gathering 'round to celebrate watching Firefly in glorious HD. Today 'The Message' is being aired so it's a particularly poignant Shindig. Although it isn't the last in the (shamefully short) season, it was the last to be shot, and all the cast and crew knew the series had been cancelled when they were shooting it. There are some great reviews of the episode on, and Being active on this message board it important because it's set up and monitored by UNIVERSAL. This is the studio who made Serenity, the studio who has the rights to any sequels, the studio we need to convince to make more! See here for all the information you need about Operation Full Burn.

There's prizes...!
And to tickle your fancy even more there are even door prizes available for people to win just for showing up on the Message Board. You need to be registered (which is free and takes about 2 minutes) and then join the special Door Prize Thread which opens for 15 mins from 8.00 pm (EDT), when the episode starts to air. This week is a really special prize - a copy of 'Done the Impossible' donated by the DTI team. Done the Impossible is a truly great DVD and on my list of must-haves for this year. In fact, I've just ordered it from the DTI website because, as a Mod on the Uni boards I can't enter the competition and I've been meaning to order this for ages. It's a documentary all about how Serenity came to be made and is full of interviews with all the stars, reviews, games and lots and lots of extras. Super shiny. And there's also another prize up for grabs, so you'd better get over there and find out what....

Jayne's Hat
I never get tired of talking about Jayne's Hat, and 'The Message' is the episode where he gets it in a package from his mom. Jayne is so happy with the hat and so chuffed he wears it there and then. It would make any mom proud. To find out more about this beloved item try's information and video links. I'll be wearing mine to the CSTS Vancouver Serenity screening tomorrow (if I can pry it off my daughter's head!).

It was never aired by Fox
One of the most amazing things about this episode is that it was never aired by Fox! Imagine that! You go to all the trouble and expense of financing a series then you show episodes out of order and don't even bother to show the last ones! Breathtaking, isn't it? Still, Fox is a changed beast these days so we mustn't keep old grievances alive. But still....they didn't even air it! I just cannot get into the mindset whereby they can effectively write-off such a valuable asset as worthless, not even bothering to pad the schedule with it. I think I'll go put on my Jayne's hat now -it'll help to calm me down....

See you on the Boards
So hopefully you will join us this afternoon at 5.00 pm my time, 8.00 pm (EDT). Say howdy and join in the fun - and maybe win yourself a prize! Sounds like a deal to me.