Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Serenity crew as you've never seen them...

I learned a new Japanese word this week!
A new post on the Vancouver Firefly MeetUp site introduced me to 'Amigurumi', and a great collection of....well, we'll get to that in a minute. 'Amigurumi' means crocheted animals and other anthropomorphized objects that has come to mean anything cute and crocheted with a face. And over at Geek Central Station the new creations are the complete cast of Firefly lovingly rendered (with fantastic accessories) in crocheted form. These are amazing, wonderful and have to be seen to be believed. And if that wasn't enough, the GeekCentralStation Flickr site boasts a whole range of figures from The Fellowship of The Rings, Futurama, Star Wars....check them all out.

Update on Vancouver Serenity Screening
Unfortunately, Jewel Staite will not now be able to attend in person to do a Q&A before the screening, but she is going to record a message and answer some questions and this will be screened before the main show. It's a bit disappointing but the day is still packed with great activities and a great time is assured for everyone. And some people will get their questions answered in an exclusive video, and that is very special. Check out the official blog for a list of all the great prizes on the silent auction plus door prizes, costume competition, songs from Cindy Turner and Brandon will be a great day and tickets cost only $15.