Thursday, June 25, 2009

My First Writerly Review!

"Turning Left..." is reviewed in "Always Go Right"
I had the best alert this morning - Google telling me that "Turning Left at Albuquerque" had been typed onto the Interweb somewhere! And sure enough the link took me to a review of the Turning Left podcast.

The sexy librarian
As Karnatos points out, we have known each other for over a year, and that's entirely Felicia Day's fault (so many things are!). We've chatted in The Guild chat, conversed on Friendfeed, caught up via Skype Chat and follow each other on Twitter. When I tweeted I was going to do a podcast of the book Karnatos was interested because he listens to audiobooks on his commute. He is also a blogger of some note on Always Go Right and the subjects he discusses range from The Guild and Whedonverse shows, gamer stuff, Star Wars, Lego, YouTube videos....okay he's a big geek like me! 

Er, what about the librarian thing?
Writing and then podcasting has taken so much of my time recently that I've not been hanging around in my usual haunts or blogging as frequently as I used to. Trying to find an agent and actually working out how I can make a career out of writing is a long process. Part of that process has to be finding ways to promote what I have done. I am really grateful to Karnatos for taking the time to do this review, because it's exactly to sort of thing that will help. I didn't ask him to do it - it's something he has done because he enjoys the podcasts. Knowing that someone enjoys your work so much that they bother to listen to it (more than once!) and then review it is a pretty big boost.

Really - what gives with the sexy librarian?!?
So I hope you'll pop over and read what he has to say. And take a look around while you're over there. There are tons of great articles and probably some things you haven't seen before like  Quake Radio and a staged production of "Once More With Feeling..."

Oh - you wanted to know about the sexy librarian thing?'ll have to ask Karnatos. He's on Twitter and he'll be happy to answer your questions....probably.... :D

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