Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Questions for Kim Evey, plus The Guild: Now what?

(Kim Evey, being awesome.)

Last chance for Questions for Kim
I've had some great questions so far, and you have until tomorrow to get any other questions you might like to ask Ms Evey. There are so many things to find out - how did she first meet Wil Wheaton? How is her ankle these days? Is there any chance of GTCMS coming out on DVD....??? Not to mention questions about The Guild!

And speaking of The Guild...
After reviewing all episodes of Season 3 of The Guild on PinkRaygun.com I am still amazed at how much Felicia Day managed to pack into 12 Episodes. In these long, Guild Deficiency Syndrome weeks as we wait for news of Season 4 and the new comic - what's a fan to do? You can hang out with other fans on http://community.watchtheguild.com (and join the GDS group!). And, of course, there is always the Knights of The Guild podcast which is, as ever, still giving us all the latest information, reviews and gossip about The Guild and everyone connected to it. Thank you Kenny and Jenni!

Thanks to @tonewaugh who suggested I list where you can send the questions (yes, very good idea!):

  • Email me: worldofhiglet at gmail dot com
  • Post a question in the comments section, below (you don't need to register but comments are moderated so might take a little time to appear)
  • Post a question on community.watchtheguild.com
  • Tweet me a question on Twitter

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