Thursday, January 7, 2010

Browncoats: Redemption - new interview with Michael C Dougherty

Are you excited yet?
I surely am! It's only a few months before "Browncoats: Redemption"is released and I can't wait. Co-creator Michael C Dougherty took some time out of his hectic schedule to answer some questions for me, and the interview is up on now. This fan-made film is shaping up to be a huge success and that's great news for Browncoats and the charities they support - because all the money made after production costs have been met is going to charity.

Steven Fisher, the other co-creator, left a comment on the article thanking me for the support I've shown for the project. I replied saying it was my pleasure because it truly is. As a Browncoat I want to see more tales from the 'Verse. I used to role-play in a Virtual Firefly because I love the world that Joss created.

Oh, and tonight I'll be recording my #iamabrowncoat video, so watch out for that! If you're doing one or have done one let me know :)


  1. You rock so very much!

    Thank you for your support, the blog posts, and helping us get the word out.

    I can't wait for your #iamabrowncoat video...reminds me. I need to create on myself shoudln't I?

  2. :) You are doing all the work - I'm just looking forward to sitting back and watching a great movie!

    And yes - you really should do your video! And you should be able to get your hands on some nifty props, too :D

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