Friday, February 5, 2010

Haiku for Kiko: Let's get that GTCMS DVD!

(screenshot of the home page showing lots of content from webseries to classic series to movies)

I love!

Over the last several months I have been (fairly gently) pulling the pigtails of Chad, the Crackle community manager who tweets as @CrackleDotCom. I've been asking two things: when will the Crackle content be available in Canada and I am pleased to hear that things are progrssing on that score. But there is a much more pressing issue: WHEN CAN WE GET A GORGEOUS TINY CHICKEN MACHINE SHOW DVD?

(Front page of showing some of the wacky world of Kiko and chums)

Chad has taken everything in good humour and it is a pleasure to spar with him on twitter. Yesterday he was promoting the Crackle Facebook Group and promised a haiku when they got past 3000 members. after a little glitch where I couldn't access the site I squeaked in as member 2998. A success for everyone because now more people will hear about the new movies and other content that is being added monthly on Crackle.

Make the Sad Panda Happy Again

After reading Chad's celebratory haiku I was inspired to write my own:

(Obviously the '@' in '@kimevey' is silent. Everyone knows that).

And so the #haikuforkiko campaign was born. It is so logical. Kiko is Japanese. Haiku is Japanese. We need the GTCMS DVDs!

Milk the Cash-Cownicorn!

Crackle are on the up-and-up with all the new content and new original webseries like The Bannen Way. Now is the perfect time for them to plunder their back catalogue and give us what we want - access to the the GTCMS videos with oodles of extras. I want to hear from Lick Poop and Unicow and Panda and Cownicorn and - most of all - from Kiko herself! Imagine Kiko doing a voiceover to one of the episodes?!? That would be meta-morphing-power-rangers-tastic!

(Kiko and friends, taken from interview with Adam Arkin)

Slaughter the Cash Unicow!

I missed the wonderful Kim Evey doing her Kiko impression at the Knights of The Guild anniversary party last week (sad face) but I'm hoping Kenny will keep that part in when he edits that massive video into chunks for us to watch (I'll be sure to let you know when that is up - I can't wait!). When I interviewed Sean Becker (Director of The Guild and Cownicorn on GTCMS) he said that he had lots of stories to tell about GTCMS, and these stories need to be shared. I want to see the set, listen to the behind the scenes shenanigans and watch them over and over and over again in a disturbingly obsessive way until my family is forced to intervene. CRACKLE OWES US THAT MUCH!

Haikus for Kiko

What say you? Do you want the GTCMS DVDs? Of course you do. You are a sensible, well-rounded person just like me. And what better way to achieve this goal than to give something back to Crackle first. We give them something, they give us something in return. You've seen my haiku attempts - now you can try. Send them to @CrackleDotCom and hashtag them #haikuforkiko. Or add one to the Crackle Facebook page. Only polite, though, please. Kiko is always to being polite and we should follow her most honorable example.

It could work!

Now, as my lovely friend @DougLuberts might say: let's spin the wheel of fun!

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