Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Blogaversary: Part 1. In the Beginning...

Two years of fun and frolics on the last geek bus home.
Doesn't time fly? Seems like only yesterday I watched Firefly for the first time and was consumed with the thought that I was missing out on the awesome. From my first post, "numfar, do the dance of shame..." to yesterday's technobabble, I've racked up 317 posts covering subjects as diverse as blog layouts, Captain Kirk, Star Wait, a whole slew of Whedony-related ramblings, sci-fi plus, of course, The Guild and Felicia Day.

Felicia was one of first people to comment here (although I didn't even realise it was her...). To all the people who have read and commented I offer a huge - THANK YOU! Blogging is a lonely sport when no one reads or comments. I'm always happy when lurkers decloak and say something. These days I'm all over the web and I talk to people on Twitter, Friendfeed and Facebook daily (and now Google Buzz?). I still enjoy reading and responding to comments here, though (hint, hint).

Speaking of Twitter...
I asked people on Twitter what they wanted from this two-year extravaganza post and it was unanimous - you want to see more of the silly searches that people use. I can't blame you - they are hilarious.... I did this once before and it proved very popular. BUT! Before that here's a few scintillating facts from Google Analytics about this blog:

People from all over the world ride the last geek bus:

Posts about The Guild seem to be the most popular:

Searches for naughty things are also popular:

And now here's some lists of random searches that have brought people to my little blog.

Totally Random:
  • 2 horse 1 speedo
  • a geek catches a sexy fairy comic
  • autobus erotic scene
  • blogspot boypants
  • bookends sex store
  • bus station geeks
  • bus-do you wanna f*ck
  • harrison ford chest Indiana
  • galactica chest hair
  • velour fetish (12 searches for this!!!)
Searches that piqued my interest
  • gorgeous tiny chicken machine show nathan fillion
  • casting call for pj haarsma the softwire
  • channel 7 news felicia becker
  • compilation of fan-created applications to the evil league of evil
  • delicia fay +interview
  • unicow costume (4 searches)
  • how to make a vork avatar costume
  • good questions to ask for an interview for guild
Searches where I think they got an answer
  • chick from the guild legend of neil dr horrible 
  • do i have to watch webisodes before bsg premiere?
  • does felicia day sing 'do you want to date my avatar'
  • who plays riley on the guild?
  • who plays zaboo in the guild
  • sean becker fired (17 searches and lots more combos for this!)
You want to what my who-now?
  • do you wont to dat mi avatr
  • do you want to sate my avatar
  • do you want to dave my avatar
  • do you wanna date my avbatar
  • do you wanna date my avitar
All about Felicia:
  • felicia day ticklish
  • felicia day save my soul
  • felicia day makes my heart ache
  • felicia day librarian
  • felicia day kim evey monkey sock
  • felicia day is egotistical
  • fanfiction codex zaboo
There were also all manner of searches with the word 'erotic' in them that I'm not going to share. Just know that I would think twice about tagging any posts with that word again (and I totally blame Zoe Winters, because it is actually her fault...).

In Part 2 I'm going to recap some of my most memorable posts and adventures  - so if you have a favourite please let me know and I'll include it!


  1. That is hilarious! What is it with people and their crazed Felicia fixations? Honestly, I laughed so hard I almost sprayed tiny bits of Felicia Pizza on my monitor.

    Oddly enough though, your blog does rank #1 on Google for "felicia day kim evey monkey sock". Intriguing.

    Even odder is the image that comes up when you Google for "monkey sock"

    Yeah, I can picture Kim wearing that, doing her sexy panda dance. Definitely.

  2. :D A Felicia Pizza, huh? I think I know where you got that from....!

    And that Monkey Sock pic is completely hat-stand! I mean....really!!! People make these things?? I must get one for Kim immediately!

  3. Sorry. I don't comment as often on blogs because I have to go through a whole separate log in process and... I'm lazy.

    Fandom is glad to have you as its queen. Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary. Apparently the type of anniversary it is differs from US to UK (as usual). In the US, 2nd is the Cotton anniversary. Apparently in the UK it's the Paper anniversary (Cotton is first). Maybe that means I need to send you some US currency which is made from special paper from the Crane Co. that has a high cotton content.

  4. I never realised we were different in that, too!

    And I only know about the cotton content of US dollars because of a Jack Reacher book that has that as the sub-plot.... :)

    Thanks for the comment and support, Megan!

  5. Congratulations on two years of actual posting! I always enjoy reading your blog.

  6. Congratulations!

    This reminds me why I use the Firefox RefControl extension :). Of course, if everyone used it, most of your enjoyable post wouldn't have been possible. (And you'd find out that I get here from Google reader or, heavens.)

    You're probably now going to move further up the list of results for monkey socks now that you've mentioned it and so have several of the comments. Your blog is clearly the destination of choice for discussion of primate sartorial choices.

  7. Thanks, samatwitch - meeting up with you and the Browncoats has definitely been a huge bonus of blogging and being more active online! It is always a pleasure to see you :))

    Tonewaugh: I'm glad that lots of people don't hide where they've come from - though in some cases I'd rather not have known what they were searching for!

    And you are probably right - monkey socks will now probably feature in more searches!

  8. I should comment more often...
    But hey, I see me in the map! haha

    This post is great!
    Autobus erotic scene?? O... kay...
    And look how loved unicow is!!

    But I think my fav is "felicia day save my soul"!

    You do awesome posts, Higlet! =)
    Congrats for the 2 years!

  9. Thanks, Dani! I was pointing you out to hubby the other day on the map :) I appreciate your support always.

    The searches are wacky - can you imagine what they must be like on Felicia's blog or watchtheguild?!? Actually, it's probably best we will never know...!

    I like the 'felicia day save my soul' but I thought the 'channel 7 news felicia becker' was pretty strange until it occurred to me that there might be another person called that (rather than Felicia and Sean appearing on Channel 7 news).

  10. Hey Higlet! Signed in just to say congrats on the two years of blogging! Gotta say, didn't realize people linked here from some really... interesting... things. o_O

    Anyways, congrats for the two years, and here's to two more! Huzzah for blogging!

  11. Thanks Mr StockRun! :)

    It's true - people are just weird and the things they search for...interesting! I hope to still be blogging in 2 years time - and hopefully by then something will have been invented that converts my thoughts into coherent posts. That would save so much time because I'm easily dis...oh! A shiny thing!

  12. Congrats on hitting your two year anniversary. I enjoy reading your "geekygirl" perspective on things. You've always been a big supporter of Knights of the Guild podcast and we are very thankful. One of these days will met up at a con and have a shiny time.

  13. :) I hope we will meet up one day!

    The KOTG is an amazing podcast and I really enjoy catching up on all the Guildies happenings - and following you on twitter :)

    Thanks for all your support, too - cookies and love!

  14. Yeeehahh - two years gone in a flash. Keep right on bloggin' there Ro-meister.

  15. Poor Zoe. She gets blamed for everything.

  16. The 8 Ace makes time goes faster :)
    Thanks for your support, amigo.

  17. 'Poor' Zoe?!?

    She practically invented the word 'erotic' - have your read her ebook, 'Kept'???