Monday, February 15, 2010

Browncoats and Guildies at Farpoint, Baltimore!

(Farpoint Con logo from
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Encounter at Farpoint was the first episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation and introduces us to the crew and that most ticklish of all Picard's nemesesisisss: Q. The Farpoint convention started out as a Trek Con in 1993 but now serves a wide range of fandoms. Last weekend stars and fans gathered in what is currently a very snowy Baltimore for fun, frolics and a very special auction. I wasn't there but intrepid Guidie, Steven Kawakami was, and he sent me some pics and a report from the con (thank you so much, Steve!). Steven is a fellow Guildie and you can find him on Twitter as @stevekaw and also on Facebook.

From Steve:
"Farpoint is a relatively small Con, but they have some nice participant activities, like sword-fighting in the hotel atrium!"
With Kind permission from Steve Kawakami

Browncoats: Redemption - stunning new trailer!
I had heard on the grapevine that Browncoats: Redemption were going to be unveiling a new trailer at Farpoint. I had a sneaky preview and - WOW! From the first frames it had me hooked - this film is going to be spectacular.

From Steve:
"Camera crapped out on me early at Farpoint :(. However, did manage a pic from the Big Damn Films panel and the new trailer from "Browncoats: Redemption" looked promising. Panel was well-attended by an enthusiastic audience. Film will premiere at DragonCon."
With kind permission from Steven Kawakami

The video will be available on YouTube soon, so make sure you have subscribed to browncoatsmovie on YouTube and on Twitter so you know first.

It is now up on Vimeo!

Browncoats: Redemption Trailer 3 from browncoatsmovie on Vimeo.

Encounter with Codex!

Steve is an avid Guildie so meeting Felicia Day was high on his list for Farpoint:
"I attended Farpoint Con on Saturday the 13th only. Felicia had another one-hour Q&A on Sunday, followed by a showing of DHSAB which I could not attend.
Felicia's Q & A was likewise very crowded. As usual, she was funny, profane, self-deprecating and spoke a mile-a-minute. Adorable! She is unfailingly honest, which I find so amazing for a celebrity. She talked about everything from writer's block to her favorite dessert places in LA. She admitted that she hadn't left the hotel since arriving Thursday, but that the snow outside looked "incredible"....
Among some of the other things Felicia said on Saturday:
  • Would like to play a dark Sith Lord one day - really wouldn't mind trying to play a villain. Busy auditioning now as this is pilot season. Joled that more often than not, she still reads for acting roles as a secretary!
  • Very enthusiastic about her new Wii game with NPH called "Rock of the Dead" which uses the "Guitar Hero" controller. She's glad the lower price point will hopefully make it more accessible.
  • So busy right now that she has a stack of games "this high" she hasn't had time to try yet and a Tivo full of programs yet unwatched.
  • Jeff Lewis is a lot like his character, Vork; will call Felicia to try and mooch free game demos. She has leveled her priest to 80, but Jeff's in-game wedding is still not done as his wife's character needs additional leveling. Apparently Jeff likes playing his wife's character and Felicia joked that it's probably becoming his alt character!
  • Really enjoyed her recent guest spot on "Lie to Me", especially the singing!
  • Is very proud of The Guild comic books that are coming out, but found the writing very different than screen plays, and took a while for her to adjust. The word count limitation in comics was quite a challenge for her! 
Lots more, but I forgot! :(  However, as always, Felicia was a big hit with the fans and she Tweeted that at the celebrity charity auction Saturday night, lunch for her went for $5,000!
Met her on the autograph line Saturday afternoon. Gave her a small tin of "Old Bay" seasoning to remember her trip to Maryland. She had never heard of that spice before, but continues to like experimenting with new seasonings. Strange but true!
She signed an enormous number of autographs and I don't know how she does it! Briefly chatted with her and what a charmer. Passed along your greetings* and she remarked what a "lovely" person you are. Walked away in a bit of a daze. But really, everyone here is so grateful that she managed to attend in spite of the horrendous weather here. She definitely got some more fans here on the East Coast!"
*I had spoken to Steve on Twitter before Farpoint to wish him well and to say hi to any Guildies there - thanks for a great report, Steve!

Felicia has uploaded some pics from Farpoint, one of her with Guildie @osiramon, and one with  Darth Vader.

Other Guildies were there, too, and you can read reports from gregmc66 and @dreadpiraterose.