Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Guild Comic #2 and On Garner Road: The Higlet Files

The Matthew Stawiki cover of The Guild comic #2 from (other cover is by Kristin Donaldson)
Hold on to your Dark Horses...
...because Issue #2 of The Guild comic is now out! It's been a Guild Comic week with the release of #2 in comic book stores (and online) and Issue #1 is now also available on iTunes! I received my copy of #1 last week in the mail and - wow! Felicia Day has really delivered a great story. Anyone who has seen The Guild webseries is familiar with Codex/Cyd and her...issues. The Guild comics go back to Cyd-the-waif and is painting a funny-yet-painful geek coming-of-age story (that's-enough-dashes). I have never seen gaming as empowerment portrayed with such a deft touch.

I'll have to wait to get my hands on #2 because the it seems to take forever to have them delivered and according to @DarkHorseComics some comic book stores in the US and Canada might be experiencing delays. But that's ok - I can wait.

More Guildie news
Season 4 is in pre-production! There was a flurry on twitter earlier this week when Felicia tweeted about casting. As Kim Evey confirmed, though, The Guild can only accept actor submissions from agents. However there will likely be a general call for extras at some point, so make sure you are following The Guild on Twitter.

Everything you ever wanted to know about me, and more besides...
A couple of weeks ago I spoke to Glen Campbell for his podcast "On Garner Road". Glen is fellow Friendfeeder and a natural interviewer. We had a good old chinwag and it was lots of fun - thanks, Glen! We talked about books, writing, geekery, Buffy, The Guild and a host of other topics. The interview is out today if you want to get the lowdown on where I got my name from, amongst other things... I even did a new graphic for it:

Oh sorry - I should have put a warning on this! :) The three faces of Higlet.


  1. I'm listening to the interview right now! Really cool!

    You have the best accent ever!

  2. :) glad you are enjoying it, Dani! But you are the winner of the 'best Guildie accent' competition.

  3. Not a very strong Manchester accent though!

  4. Well now, I was obviously using my posh accent because I have found that talking broad Mancunian means people can't understand what I'm saying!

    When I interviewed Felicia (in a bit I edited out) she asked where I lived. I said British Columbia and she thought I said Venezuela. So...yeah, moderated accents FTW! :)

  5. I'm watching Season 3 on YouTube. Clara'd husband so far is beyond a noob. A noob can play WOW, her husband is like teaching Baby Boomers how to use a computer for the first time.

  6. Yes, well Mr Wiggly is the noob to end all noobs, for sure! Hope you like the end of the season :)