Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Let's Celebrate, Guildies! Awards, Comics and SEASON 4!!!

Felica Day wins Best Female Actor
Let's FIGHT! For our RIGHT!
....TO PAR-TAY! After the tumult of the last couple of days it's good to sit up and realise that now is a great time to be a GUILDIE! Cast aside all thoughts of Guild Deficiency Syndrome and snuggle up to the warm glow of multiple pieces of most excellent news:

Felicia Day won Best Female Actor in a Comedy Web Series for The Guild:
Felicia Day looks radiant as ever on the way to receive her award. If a little nervous. But who wouldn't be?

Sean Becker won Best Directing in a Comedy Web Series for The Guild:
Sean Becker receives his Best Directing award and doesn't tell any of the jokes he had written down.
There is an Exclusive Preview of The Guild #2 comic online at comicsalliance.com and it looks AWESOME!

One of the preview pictures from comicsalliance.com of The Guild #2 - more on the site!
Sean Becker and Jeff Lewis were on the Film Method Podcast last night and Sean joined in the fun on the WatchTheGuild Forums afterwards talking to the Guildies.


Even as you read this pre-production has started!
And here's an interview with Felicia Day from docparadox via Mashable:

Interview with Felicia Day at the Streamys from docparadox on Vimeo.

It's a great time to be a Guildie so let's be out and proud! Hope to see you on The Guild forums soon!


  1. Happy Guildie is happy! :)

    I think your are the fastest blogger of all times.

  2. :) well - I have good sources like Dani!