Monday, May 3, 2010

Goodnight Princess: Act 1 - The Beginning of the End

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So then, what's it all about?
You don't really expect me to tell you the plot, so I won't. But you might well be wondering what the heck it's all about. I mean - where are the funnies?!? Apart from hubby's brilliant voices, of course, which are still making me smile even after hearing them many, many times. It's true, when hubby originally had the idea for this latest webseries (not even two weeks ago) it was going to be hilarious. And then something happened. The story was turned around and now it's...something else.

Holy cow - what's that supposed to mean?
It's an Internet Play in three acts which explores love, loss and silly voices. You need to see all three acts to understand the whole thing. In total they add up to less than 10 minutes. Act 2 will be out next Monday (10th May 2010) and Act 3 on Monday after that (17th May 2010). This is something different. Of course you might not like it and that's fine. I'm very eager to hear to hear what you think, good, bad or indifferent.

A writer, writes...
If I've learned anything over the last couple of years (and hopefully I have), it's that the only way to really know if something is going to work is to try it and see. I'm really pleased the way this has turned out. Yes, I wish we had a better camera, sound recording, editing suite etc- but we wrote and shot it tailored to the circumstances and kit we have. I think it works well but it's hard to know until you put it out there. We shall see...

Thank you for all the RTs and comments! Your support means A LOT :) And thanks to @egspoony who even Tumblr'd it (I'm trying to get the hang of Tumblr but it's not easy...or too easy...or something!).

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