Monday, May 24, 2010

Higlet Films - because everyone loves a snappy title! - look familiar at all?
So, then, that happened
After a busy weekend of getting the last few things in place and recording the first episode of our next webseries, we managed to also launch the website. We will be adding a lot of content to over there in the next few weeks, so lots to look forward to.

Competition time!
To celebrate HigletFilms, and the release of the Goodnight Princess Omnibus today, we are holding a competition and the prize is an exclusive MP3 remix of "Broken Lullaby". All the details on how to enter are on - but hurry! This is a limited offer!

"Broken Lullaby" cover - coming soon to!
More to come...
It's going to be an exciting few weeks so buckle up and let's see where this crazy ride takes us. A new webseries starts on Monday, but what will it be? I can't tell you but I think you are going to like it! :)