Monday, August 16, 2010

Two years ago today: Act 1 of Evil League of Evil Applications Processing Office

How time flies...!
August 16th 2008 was the day I first uploaded a video to YouTube on my EvilWorldofHiglet account. Act 1 of 'Evil League of Evil Application Processing Office' marked the beginning of a new an exciting venture into the world of webseries.

There are 6 Acts in total plus 2 bonus videos. They are all on EvilWorldofHiglet's YouTube channel.

Outtakes you never saw...
It took many, many attempts to get this recorded. For one thing, I couldn't say "Evil League of Evil" properly (and still have trouble with it). "The Evil League of Eagles" was what I said the most, followed by a stream of swearing. And you see the bag of 'stuff' I'm holding up in the picture, above? That was soil from the garden. Hubby went and foraged for it. He obviously got more than soil, too, as a bug of sort was wandering all over the desk in one of the takes, but we only noticed it afterwards. We never did find it....

Onwards and upwards!
As we prepare to unleash our newest creation upon you ('Project X'), it's interesting to take a look back at where it all began. I wrote about the way we record things - the Bodyline technique - over on HigletFilms yesterday. This is where is all started. Thank you for your continued support and we hope you'll enjoy our new webseries. We'll be launching very soon and you can find out all about how things are going over at


PS I'm assuming you've all watched Dr Horrible's Sing-ALong Blog! If not you can download via iTunes here or buy it:

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