Friday, August 20, 2010

"Loot Envy": The Guild S4 Ep5 launches Cheesybeards online!

 Vork rolls out the welcome wagon

The Guild Season 4 knocks it up a notch
If you haven't seen this week's episode, watch it now!
<a href="" target="_new" title="Season 4 - Episode 5 - Loot Envy">Video: Season 4 - Episode 5 - Loot Envy</a>

My full review of "Loot Envy" is on, and you can find my reviews for the rest of Season 4 (plus all of Season 3) there, too. One of the things I talked about was the way The Guild is taking Season 4 in a new direction - and interacting with the fans in a whole new way.

There be spoilers ahead, mateys!
Cyd Sherman has a new job! Yes, our sometime Guild Leader has taken a step into the world of work and is now the social media hub of Cheesybeards. And not content with just playing out this new storyline as part of the weekly series, there is a new website, Facebook page and Twitter account for Cheesybeards. There is even a Yelp entry for Cheesybeards!

 A C health rating is a good thing??

More interestingly still - Cyd's struggle to get bums on seats in Cheesybeards is being played out through these different websites right now. The Yelp entry above is from a not-very-satisfied customer how mentions the C health rating. 'Ollie C' (who must be Cyd since Ollie has never even turned his computer on) replies: "We worked really hard to get that C rating :("

And dealing with difficult customers has driven Cyd to complain about them on Twitter already:

I wonder who would ring from Brazil.....?
 Having fun with Cyd
 A quick look at Facebook, twitter and Yelp shows that fans are already enjoying dipping into the world of Cheesybeards and are being rewarded with replies. If you fancy doing your own Yelp review about the spicy wenches or asking about the cute redhead in the back office (which seems to be popular) then why not give it a go? Who knows how long Cyd will have this job...?

Season 4 Outlook: Epic with a side of gAArlic fries (or garrrrrrrrrrlic fries?)
This expansion of The Guild 'verse is a welcome new sideline but only part of what is going on this Season. Many fans are already saying this is their new favourite and it's hard not to agree (although I hate to pick a favourite). There are many other storylines going on - Zaboo vs his mum, Tink and Clara vs enterprise, Codex vs ho-baggertry - and plenty more. Who knows what will happen? And will we ever find out what 'incident' took the 'Sea's Bounty' off the menu?

The most tantalising part of the Cheesybeard's menu

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