Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"Game On" catapaults The Guild to #1 again!

"Keyboard chemistry - my arse!" says Codex*

EXCITING UPDATE: Game On is now #1 music video in UK, US and Canada! Read more on Tubefilter.

Buy Game On - NOW!
As I blogged yesterday, after the online, FREE release of "Game On" on MSN/Zune network last week, today saw the official release of "Game On"via iTunes, Amazon and other outlets via It wasn't long before it was rising in the charts. Since iTunes is regional, I could only check on how it fared in Canada, but @TheGuild, @FeliciaDay and a cadre of Guildies was monitoring it around the world.

 The UK was the first to take it to #1, and @GrrArgh broke the joyful news:

Game On had knocked off Shakira and Lady Gaga in the UK:

Back in Canada...
...I was watching as Game On hit number 4, then number 3 and finally rested at number 2:

The Guild had beaten Shakira, Eminem and Master Bieber - only Katy Perry withstood the assault. It was the same in the US.

What an amazing result!
Going head to head with massive, established stars and winning is a huge triumph for an independent webseries. Think about it for a moment. All the advertising and constant rotation these songs and stars get were no match for the power of The Guild. Awesome! To make things easy to find in your country,  Dani has put a list of International links on  on watchtheguild forums.

Behind the Scenes
If you want to know more about the shooting of Game On, I reviewed it on PinkRaygun last week - and here's a video from our good friend Greg Benson from the set!

MORE Guild Goodness!
Something else happened today, too - Season 4, Episode 3 was released! My review on PinkRaygun will be up tomorrow, and you can see the epsiode here:

<br/><a href="" target="_new"title="Season 4 - Episode 3 - Oversupportive'd">Video: Season 4 - Episode 3 - Oversupportive'd</a>

*Obviously she doesn't actually say that. But she might be thinking it really hard :)