Wednesday, January 19, 2011

IAWTV: Voting for the Board ends Friday - why it matters!

Let's rewind to 12 months ago...
The call for nominations for the Streamys 2010 went out in December 2009, and voting for the nominations ended on January 15th 2010. Anticipation was already building for the event and everyone expected it to blow minds. Which it did, but not exactly in the way imagined. As many will remember, the ceremony itself unfortunately detracted severely from the fact that there were Award winners, and the fall out from that is still being felt.

We are all doomed repeat history if we don't remember it. Immediately after the Streamys last year there were all sorts of questions, accusations and intrigues around the Streamys and the International Academy of Web Television. It was not a comfortable time for anyone and there was inevitably soul-searching. But good things have come from that. The questions asked then have led to changes and new directions for both the Streamys and the IAWTV, and I think this is very positive. Last week the IAWTV held the first round of voting for the new Board of Directors, which has left 12 people in the running for the 6 positions.

The IAWTV, renewed
The idea of a dedicated body for web television is sound. And even while people can argue about terms (even 'web television' is contentious), reach, focus and goals, I don't see a better alternative anywhere. The election of the new Board will set the path ahead. The 12 nominees all bring their own ideas, enthusiasm, perspective and experience, and all of them will serve the Academy well. I have voted for the people I think will serve the Board the best, but every one of the nominees has much to offer. If you are a member of the IAWTV don't forget to vote - use your voice and make a difference!

The end of the beginning
There is still so much to do it would be foolish to imagine that the having a new Board will magically make things better. And yet, in a way it will. The new Board will be able to build on the work that has already been started and set the IAWTV on course to become the leader it needs to be. There will be a focus and that is the key to making progress. When there is so much to be done it is hard to get anything done. I'm looking forward to seeing what the Board sets as priorities so we can move things forward.

I'm ready to pitch in and help in any way I can. Are you?

P.S. I'd like to underline the fact that I think the IAWTV has made big progress in the last year. I am incredibly grateful for the hard work that has gone on there, often behind the scenes with little recognition. Thank you all.


  1. Mary, this is a really great post about the IAWTV and the elections. I hope that people do realize that it is important to vote. Your final point that a lot has been done by people that often don't get recognition is very well said. This will be great year for our new industry, our organization and our members. Thanks again!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Paul.

    I think it is a real turning point and I'm really excited about what this year will bring.