Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Don't forget to vote in The Streamys - every day until Jan 15th 2010

Remember how exciting The Streamys were last year?
How awesome it was to watch them LIVE on the Internet while tweeting with your friends from around the world? How magnificent all the stars looked and how gratifying it was to see the people who had worked so hard receive the recognition they deserved? It was a blockbuster of a night and the post I did after was a glimpse of the highlights I remembered.

Felicia Day makes my night
Along with the fact that The Guild and Felicia won so many awards (yay!), the stand-out memory for me was the speech that Felicia made. It was short, passionate and moving. And here it is:

When I've received rejection letters from agents I often think of this speech. It helps me send out the next batch of letters.

I'm not going to lie to you. The voting system for The Streamys is not a quick-click-and-you're-done affair. I've just voted for all the people from The Guild and it took about 12 minutes. But once you get in your stride it's not too bad. And the organisers are going to look at the voting again for nest year. But for now you need to know that you can vote every day until Jan 15th and every vote counts towards making the People's Choice shortlists - so keep voting!

Who to vote for?
I'm not going to tell you that. I'm sure you have favourite series. If you are  Guild fan and you want to vote for everyone you can then a list of names is here. And @jennipowell has a whole set of suggestions on her blog. And Tubefilter always has lots of links and information about all kinds of webseries. So go on - vote!

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