Monday, November 10, 2008

Do you have a question for Felicia Day?

If you have, I could be asking her about it very soon!
You will be glad to know that The Guild Season 2 starts on 25th November. In honour of this Whedonage are running a series of articles. Yesterday there was an introduction to Season 2 and a great interview with Vincent Caro (Bladezz). Vincent was a real sport to do the interview and he is a great guy. Next will be more news about The Guild and an interview with Kim Evey. Yes, the Kim Evey, producer of The Guild and star of Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show and Two Hot Girls in the Shower (among many others).

But what about Felicia?
Oh yes, and the other news is that I'll be doing a video interview with Felicia in the next couple of weeks. Now I have promised I will do my best not to bibble (or squeee - hey that sounds like a traditional English dinner!), so we should have that covered. Now I have tons of questions for Felicia but I'm sure everyone does. So if you want me to ask her something then just comment on the Whedonage post and I'll do my best to ask as many questions as possible. My big problem now is how to present the video. I'm not sure the world is ready to see me on a video - how can I get around that? If only I had a way to be on the video without actually being seen....!