Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Video interview with Felicia Day

What a day it was yesterday!

The Guild Season 2, episode 1 was released on Tuesday – have you seen it yet? Funny, smart with a brilliant cliffhanger, and it looks so wonderful! I’ve seen it a few times already. There have been lots of new faces on community site and many of them have just seen all of Season 1 and started Season 2 in the last day!

It’s a secret!

People have kept asking me about the Felicia interview and I’ve just not been able to say anything. We arranged last week that it would be this week but I knew how hectic it was going to be for Felicia and I didn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up.

I was a bit nervous….

When I started this blog nearly 200 posts ago I never dreamed that it would develop into what it has. Felicia was someone I made contact with quite early on and I never thought that I would get to interview her. I had been trying to prepare, write out questions, practice on hubby but I was still more than a tad nervous. This was going to be Felicia Day (or Felicia Day, Day. Or Felicia squared…)! On my laptop! Talking to me!

In good hands

But, being the sweet person she is Felicia contacted me yesterday morning at the arranged time. She hadn’t realized it was going to be a video interview and so she very gamely set up her laptop with the webcam and rang back so we could do the interview. Apart from my not being able to talk properly and calling the Frag Dolls  the Frag Girls (sorry!) and mispronouncing lots of words like Gamer Vixens  I think it went well. I enjoyed talking to Felicia so much the time whizzed by and Felicia was kind enough to say it was good to meet in person  (via webcam!) after all this time.

Time flies…

In the end we chatted for over twenty minutes, which I know was a big part of the day for her to give up. They were frantically editing so they could get ready for Thanksgiving, so a HUGE thank you to Felicia. Do you want to know where you can see the videos? You do? is the word

They are on along with a brief summary of each part as part of the series I've been doing about The Guild. But I've also put them here because....Felicia is so cool!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


There was a few little bits not shown but mostly they were saying hello and good bye and things. Mostly...