Saturday, November 1, 2008

Podcasters FTW!

Here's the first of a few posts over the next couple of days - enjoy!

Metamor City: high-action, sci-fi futureworld

I love the idea of Podcasts and I listen to them whenever I can. A little while ago @etherius, a Twitter friend from the early days of me using Twitter, put out a call asking for people to do the introductions for his sumptuous Podcast, Metamor City. I answered that call and you can hear me doing the introduction to MCP 028 - MAKING THE CUT: Chapter 19. There is lots of information about the world Chris has created on the website and it's well worth checking out.

One of these days I will ask Chris Lester if he will do an interview and he will say yes and then everyone will know about the fantastic world he has created. If you read this blog then there is a very good chance that Metamor City will be the Podcast you are looking for – highly recommended! @etherius is a generous and interesting Twitterer so check him out.

Buffy: Between the Lines – so much to squee about!

Tabz and crew seem to have been in creative-overdrive these last few weeks so if you haven’t been over to the B:BtL website recently now is the time to do so! Season 2 is well under way, scripts and commentaries are available,  and they even had a spooky Halloween minisode this week. You can also vote for B:BtL on the Podcast Awards - every day until Nov 6th.  Tabz has her own Twitter account and so does B:BtL - well worth following  and don't forget to vote!


Young Junius – Seth Harwood’s gritty thriller

Another star in the Podcasting firmament is Seth Harwood. If you like crime thrillers with a twist then you should make your way to his website asap. And if you like to be sent threatening emails by sexy FBI laydeez then I would definitely sign up and get onto the forums quick-smart, or else! Seth is another great Tweeter so why not follow him.

Scott Sigler

Actually, Scott will have to wait his turn. Too much to say about him for this post so you’ll have to wait to find out. But I will say he offered to buy me a beer today…