Friday, October 23, 2009

The Guild S3 Ep 8 plus Halloween Special

"Run in a Z, Sweetie!"

My review of The Guild Season 3, Episode 8: +10 to Bravery, is up on, so pop over there and leave a comment! Felicia Day has written up a storm this season, and this episode is jam-packed with awesome:

A Gag reel, too?

Yep, it's double-prizes again this week with a new Gag reel:

But there's more?!?

There is a rumour afoot of a fiendish new episode, the likes of which has never before been seen. Something so hideous, so malevolent and stuff. Or not. Who knows? Well Greg Benson, for one. And some other people.

What in the Sam Hill are you talking about?

Don't you love it when I refer to myself in the second person? And ask myself questions? Yes, I know. It's awesome.

I'm waiting.....

What? Oh! You wanted to know about The Guild Halloween Special that's due out soon?'ll just have to wait a bit longer. Sorry. But....I'll have a bit more to tell you VERY SOON!

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