Friday, October 9, 2009

The Guild S3 Ep 6, and Legend of Neil gets dirty. Dirtier. Well, you know....

Another packed week!
I spent an eventful and awesome day in Vancouver on the press tour, visiting sets and Q&A panels for Stargate: Universe, Caprica, Sanctuary and Alice (a new mini-series airing on Dec 6th and 7th). I was there to report for and I'll be doing my reviews there over the next few days. I met some great people and Syfy really pushed the boat out to make it an enjoyable experience. Stargate: Universe continues at 9/8c and Sanctuary S2 is starting tonight 10/9c.

The Guild S3 Ep 6 - Newbtastic
While I was rubbing shoulders with the Syfy stars, new episode of LoN and The Guild were released. My review for 'Newbtastic' is up at This episode was full of surprises and lots of Laugh Out Loud bits. Plus...well watch the ep and read the review! Felicia Day has also blogged about this episode and how much the writing evolved for the whole of Season 3.

Legend of Neil S2 Ep06 - The Fairy Strikes Back

Whose back the dirty fairy (played with relish by Felicia Day) strikes back at you'll have to watch to find out. Oh yes, and it's as Not Suitable For Work as it's always been :) This season has been so much fun it's sad to think there is only one more episode after this. Let's hope Comedy Central renew for Season 3!


  1. Hi. I'm only here because I saw your profile pic following the Rejectionist, and your little critter (Higlet?) reminded me of a much-battered toy lamb of my daughter's, so I followed the pic to see where it led.

    That is all.

  2. :) I wonder if it's the same toy? Higlet is probably nearly 20 years old.