Sunday, November 29, 2009

Reviewing "The Untamed", Stunning New Fantasy from Stranger Comics

Meeting "The Untamed".
When I had the chance to read "The Untamed" I jumped at the opportunity. This new comic, released by Stranger Comics, is out on Dec 2nd 2009 and is well worth checking out. "The Untamed" is written by Sebastian A. Jones and opens with a hauntingly black and white scene of a shrouded ferryman taking a figure through flooded vaulted caves to...Oasis. The story follows a man who returns to his old town with seven days to reap seven souls and thus free himself from hell. But when he meets a girl who reminds him of his murdered daughter his mission becomes blurred and choices have to be made.

"The Untamed" is beautifully drawn by Peter Berting, who has worked on films such as "Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows". The artwork is arresting (the colour progression in the first few pages is a treat in itself) and the marriage of the words and pictures works perfectly. The story unfolds quickly, but is not hurried. Rather, it feels like measured footsteps taking you towards an unknown doom.

There is an animated preview to whet your appetite:

Haunting, isn't it?

High Praise from Hollywood
There have already been some rave reviews from the great and the good:

"THE UNTAMED promises to be an epic tale, conceived and crafted not only with a great love of comics, but also a profound understanding of the power of visionary storytelling.
Clive Barker (Hellraiser, Candyman)

“What’s not to love about Jones and Bertging’s THE UNTAMED: it’s a Sergio Leone, Frank Frazetta, William Blake fever dream mash-up. And that’s just where it begins.”
Lloyd Levin (Watchmen, Hellboy, Boogie Nights)

When was the last time you read a comic?
As a kid I looked forward to Saturday for two reasons. One: no school and good TV in the morning (TISWAS FTW!). Two: Comics! They were delivered with the Saturday paper and it was always a rush to get to the door first when they were put through the slot. At first it was Whizzer and Chips, Monster Fun and Battle Picture Weekly (my younger brother, mine and older brother's respectively). After Monster Fun tragically merged up with Buster I looked around for a replacement and then along came 2000 AD. Oh. My. Word.

For Tharg's Sake
The post-apocalyptic landscape of 2000 AD was mind-expanding. I knew that in the future (2000 was so far away!) that we would all be living on Moonbase Alpha and having eyebrow issues, but 2000 AD was a completely different type of future. Gritty, unforgiving and....exciting. Of course, that was many, many moons ago and the last comic I read was actually "Serenity: Better Days". I absolutely loved it on many levels and it did pique my interest in comics again.

"The Untamed" looks like is going to be a wonderful new series, and is hopefully the start of a many more stories in the Asunda world.

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A give-away this week!
As a special post-Thanksgiving, Pre-Christmas treat, I will have a copy of "The Untamed" to give away later this week. Stay tuned!