Friday, January 22, 2010

Caprica! Tonight! Plus Set Tour!

(The view inside the Graystone's fridge. And no, we didn't test the food!)

It's tonight, people - just a few hours away! I am seriously happy that the long wait is over and we can dig in for a delicious haul of TV goodness. Weeks of anticipation, joy and teeth-grinding are just  moments away. It's going to be like the good old days when BSG was being aired....YAYAYAY!

(Dr Graystone's desk in his not-so-secret lab. I love the fact they have disks!)

Oh - and if you want to hear about how I confused Dr Graystone (Eric Stoltz is so....warm, I think is the word) and played with a Cylon then you can read all about the Syfy Set Tour on PinkRaygun. It was a great day but made the waiting even harder! And even though I didn't actually see Jane Espenson that day, I'm still holding out for the day when I finally do. Good times....

P.S. I'm not the only one excited! Lots of excitement on Twitter including @kiala who has posted this heartfelt article today on SO SAY WE ALL!

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