Monday, January 25, 2010

The Guild Season on DVD, iTunes news and Photo Shoot

Thought The Guild was lounging around doing nothing...

...while we suffered in silence with our Guild Deficiency Syndrome? Think again, bucko! As from today, The Guild goes iTunes-tastic with all three Seasons available! It works here in Canada, so hopefully it will work where you are, too. The Season 3 DVD release date has been announced and you can order that from right now. For full details and links to the releases, plus all the latest news from The Guild, check out

Ever wondered what a professional photo shoot is like?

The Bui Brothers have again taken some magnificent pictures for The Guild Season 3 DVD (remember the awesome pictures of Felicia Day they did last year, too?). And, because they are cool dudes, they took some video of the shoot day. Enjoy this and then go and order Season 3!

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