Friday, March 19, 2010

The Guild S3 Ep2 on YouTube and Friendbuddies: Comments and votes needed!

Remember how cute The Guild looked at the end of S2?
Friday is Guild day!
Season 3, Episode 2 is now up on YouTube:

Season 3 puts The Guild through the wringer with ups, downs, thrills, spills and even some kilt-based action (go @wilw!). In fact, I was watching the S3 DVD bonus features today and I had never noticed the bit where Wil Wheaton is gesturing wildly in the background in the 'Axis of Anarchy' feature. Talk about swinging sporrans....

Anyhoo! Make sure to watch, rate and comment on YouTube. Even if you did that on MSN and because every time you do, it helps to show that The Guild has lots of fans that really love the show *cough* Season 4 deal *cough*. My reviews of all of Season 3 are up on so check them out, too (full list with links under 'Shameless Plug', here).

Seasons 1 and 2 are also available on Netflix so if you have Netflix check them out (and rate, comment, etc).

Friendbuddies: vote now, vote often!
Friendbuddies: Who wouldn't want to see Sean and Payman on TV?
I'm not sure how many times you can vote or when the contest finishes but I do know that Sean Becker and Payman Benz, the brains (!) behind Awkward Pictures (and Friendbuddies) deserve a chance to be on TV. And you can make that happen. Simply go to the showdown page, click on Friendbuddies to watch the video and then vote. No registration or anything else to do - easy! They have picked up some % points this week but are still not winning, so please remember to vote. A lot.