Monday, March 15, 2010

Friendbuddies: Sean and Payman need you!

The fake Sean Becker. He needs help (obviously. I mean - look at him!).
Webvideo - I LOVE it!
I spend far too long watching videos on the Intertubes. Far. Too. Long. A while ago I was stalking researching a certain Mr Sean Becker for a series of articles. He had become the first person I had seen being fired live on twitter and I wanted to find out what made him tick. One of the videos I found was Friendbuddies - and I loved. Not only does it have Payman Benz (all hail Unicow) in it looking gorgeous as ever, Greg Benson (from Mediocre Films) also makes a completely non-douchey appearance, too!

Competition time
FriendBuddies is now competing against some other video for a chance to appear on TV in the showdown. Imagine! Payman on your TV! On Comedy Central! This has to happen. Watch FriendBuddies then vote every day so they win. It's been literally months since we had to vote for something (Oh wait - except for the Streamys). This video is awesome and deserves to win.


Don't let Sean down!
Sean has had his share of knocks over the last year. Being sacked (in the 'losing you job' sense - I have no idea whether he has been sacked in football), his crippling drinking problem, and being held captive by Felicia Day have all taken their toll. Help a guy out. Vote for FriendBuddies on the Atom site now - no registration and it's a quicker than tweeting. No one wants Sean to turn feral again.

From 'Sean Becker: my life after being fired', his not-coming-soon blockbuster biography