Monday, March 22, 2010

Streamy Awards: Vote in the Audience Choice Award!

Sean Becker, Sandeep Parikh and Felicia Day from The Guild accepting an award at the 2009 Streamys

Daily Voting - Make It Count!
The ten finalists for the Audience Choice in the 2010 Streamy Awards have been announced by Nick Thune (from "Nick's Big Show"):

"Check out the video above to see Nick’s lighthearted riff on the 10 web TV shows with some of the largest fan bases. And here’s a list of the finalists:

Congratulations to the Streamys Audience Choice Award Nominees and many thanks to Nick Thune. Now it’s time to get voting!"
The above links to the webseries were broken on the streamys site this morning and there were a couple of other glitches, too (including a big audio delay on The Guild video). I commented on the website and I got a response from Josh Cohen within 5 minutes thanking me for letting them know and assuring me he was working on them all now. That's what I call good customer service - well done, Streamys!

Make sure you vote every day for the webseries you want to see get the Award! Yesterday there was a competition on The Streamys Facebook page where people could list who they thought would be nominated. The prize was tickets to the Streamys. The only ones I guessed were The Guild and Legend of Neil....

Red Carpet Hosts
There is also a competition to be a Red Carpet host for The Streamys. I didn't bother to do a video because the rules said you had to be a US resident. There is some confusion about that. @streamysaward  posted this last night after some discussion on twitter about it:
But the official rules on the website say otherwise:
I'll let you know if we see any further clarification. And also if Higlet is going to do a video....