Friday, March 12, 2010

The Guild S3 Hits YouTube and Felicia Day hits....Sean Becker?

Episode One of Season 3 posted on YouTube today
Every Friday we will be getting the next episode in all it's uncensored (and sweary) glory! Season 3 is also available on iTunes and from (see here for all the details) so if you can't wait to hear Wil Wheaton curse as roundly as Felicia then make sure you order soon.

As always, The Guild team love to hear comments about the show so if you didn't comment when S3 was released on MSN now's the time to let them know how much you enjoy this season. Commenting on YouTube is a doddle so no excuses for not doing it!

Shameless plug
And don't forget I reviewed the whole of Season 3 on as it was released on MSN. To make it easy I've listed the links for you here:

Episode 1: Expansion Time
Epsiode 2: Anarchy!
Episode 3: Player Down
Episode 4: Get it Back!
Episode 5: Application'd
Epsiode 12: Hero

Felicia lies down on the set of RED!
The first pictures of Felicia Day in her new role in Red, the new SYFY production, have been released via Karen O'Hara on the @SyfyMovies twitter account:

First pic from the RED shoot!  Felicia knows how to wield a w... on Twitpic

However, news soon came in from @alalcoolj that the picture had actually been altered from the original. He had obtained a copy from some fellow Canadians showing that Sean Becker has been FIRED - FOR REAL THIS TIME?!?:

Then came the shocking news that Felicia, possibly in revenge for his recent misuse of her iPhone, had her sights set on another of the Guildie faithful, Edgar, as @alalacoolj posted this:

Felicia, as usual,  showed no remorse and simply posted a picture of her new hood accessory via twitter:

I hope Syfy know what they are dealing with....!