Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Guild S4 Wraps Principle, More Behind The Scenes and Greg Exposed!

Is that Wil Wheaton?
Synchronise Watches! The Guild Season 4 is out....SOON!


And so the principle fiming for The Guild Season 4 is now wrapped:

Sean Becker has also confirmed on Twitter that Epsiode 1 is now picture locked, so all systems are go for a July release. As soon as we have a confirmed date I will let you know. There is a lot of Convention and appearance news coming up so make sure you are tuned to @theguild and @FeliciaDay on Twitter.

More from The Guild Season 4 Behind The Scenes: Fawkes Handles!
The second episode of our new webseries is now out. As I put on site, we put in quite a few references to Dr Horrible plus Red Dwarf and The Two Ronnies. It didn't take long for people to work them out, so congratulations to @alalcoolj, @tonewaugh and @MrsSweeneyTodd

There are some sweet cameos this week so thanks to everyone involved (and The Guild for not setting George on us).

Greg Benson - One Hundred Million thank yous!
I spoke to Greg on Sunday and I'm putting the finishing touches to the interview now. Greg was very generous with his time and we talked about everything from his big break in Hollywood to eating brains - and lots of thing in between, including some of the questions you sent me. The interview will be out very soon so watch out for that. As ever, there will be a new Mediocre Films video out tomorrow, so make sure you are subscribed to them on YouTube (and for goodness sake go and watch the new Yeshmin video - it is truly a work of art!).