Monday, June 28, 2010

Shock news!!! Fans make Felicia Day cry on her Birthday!

Happy birthday @feliciaday! on Twitpic
(Felicia celebrating her brithday, from @georgeruiz)

Happy Birthday, Felicia - now weep!
In an effort to show their appreciation for Felicia Day, fans worked for months to prepare a birthday surprise she would never forget - but it seemed like it had backfired when Felicia turned up on Guild Chat:

You can see for yourself why:

Breaking News: Felicia LOVED the Video!
After checking sources it has been revealed that, in fact, Felicia was crying tears of JOY at the video, not despair!
(Taken from The Guild Chat this morning)

And to confirm this, Felicia also left this comment on the video:

"OMG thanks all of you for making my birthday a fantastic day, you are all amazing! :) I'm so happy to be a part of your community! :)" (From YouTube)

Congratulations to everyone involved - it was a wonderful way to celebrate someone special!

EDIT: Dani has created a new topic for Felicia's Birthday with more details about the video :)

More Birthday Greetings!

We couldn't let Felicia have a birthday without doing something ourselves, so we recruited a few helpers in the shape of the BC Browncoats at the Can't Stop The Serenity in Vancouver on Saturday:

Thank you to everyone involved :) (you can see a longer video from CSTS Vancouver here)



  1. Higlet!!! AWESOME video!!!

  2. :D thanks, Dani!

    Felicia has fans all over the world, including the BC Browncoats :)

  3. Wow. There are some really cool people in that video! Lucky gal! :)

  4. :) it is a great video and lots of planning went into it! Well done to Dani and Bryan and everyone else involved.