Friday, June 18, 2010

Save Jim Quon: Help for a fellow Guildie

Design by Anne Richmond

UPDATE from @SaveJimQuon: "UPDATE: new message recieved ...ECG says jim is no longer with us. things went downhill last night. body started its shut down process"

We will know more later. For now all my love to Jim, his family and friends. I'm so sorry the news wasn't better.

UPDATE 2: Sadly Jim passed away this afternoon at 12:49 PST. Please read Vince Caso's blog for more details. You can leave messages of support for his family on Facebook and donations are still being collected to help cover the medical costs.

Rest In Peace, Jim. You will be sorely missed by family and friends.

Hoping for better news
Many Guildies will be aware that Jim Quon, @Scarbuck, suffered a major stroke this week leaving him critically ill in hospital. Since the news broke people have been sending messages of love and hope to Jim and his family, hoping that Jim will pull through.

More than words
But it is more than that - much more. Starre Simonton and Vince Caso have been co-ordinating efforts, setting up a Facebook page "Get Well, Jim Quon", a twitter account @SaveJimQuon, and an in-game prayer vigil for Jim (who is a big World of Warcraft player and a Guild Leader). Anne Richmond created the graphic above, Vince and other Guildies visited Jim in hospital yesterday and Starre is co-ordinating things, keeping people in the loop. And I know there are many, many other people doing things to help and support Jim and his family and friends. Thank you all so much.*

On the practical side, collections are also being taken for Jim and his family because he has no medical insurance. It's very hard for me to understand how emergency and life-saving care is not freely available to all the people of the United States. I lived most of my life in England and now live in Canada. The idea that people unable to pay are denied treatment or that the treatment might bankrupt you, beggars belief.

I know it is changing but for now if you don't have insurance in the US then the cost of care falls to the individual and their family. And the costs are enormous and on-going. Every scan, treatment and day in hospital adds more to the bill.

So far donations have raised about $3,300 (not including checks that have been mailed), which is brilliant. That is an amazing amount for such a small time. But is it far short of the costs Jim's family are facing.

What YOU can do
Join the Facebook group and follow @SaveJimQuon on twitter. Send a message, share a story, support your friends. Donate if you can - even a small amount can help (links are on the Facebook page). Drop into The Guild chat and show your support. Send prayers if you pray.

The news this morning is grim but we will have to see how things work out. In the meantime we can hope for the best and do everything we can to help his family.

Anne Richmond posted this wonderful video blog today, with a beautifully sung song at the end:

We're friends. Friends help friends. As always, I'm so proud to be a Guildie.

All the best, Jim. We're all rooting for you. Cookies and love, always.

* I'm sorry if I've left your name out. I know there are many, many people helping out and doing everything they can.