Saturday, May 11, 2013

Weekend Movies - No reviews, just reaction. Harold and Maude.

Hey, it's 2013!

And this blog is still here!

 A lot has happened in the five years since I first started here, and my reasons for doing it have faded over time. So many new distractions, and not all of them Social Media apps.

 Recently, though, we've had time to actually sit down and watch a few movies. We're counting down to cutting the cable cord when the contract runs out, so we've been making use of Netflix, Apple TV and Telus On Demand.

Picture from IMDb

 You can buy Harold and Maude from iTunes but you might even still have an old VHS tape of it somewhere. If you do, dust if off and give it a whirl, you are in for a rare treat.

I first saw this movie a loooong time ago. Many of the details, and indeed main parts, were misremembered or missing. But it was completely captivating from the arresting first scene to the end credits. And the music! Cat Stevens at his finest, and that song from 'Extras' that had haunted me every time I heard it, finally placed.

I don't even know how to categorise this. It is a love story, but so much more. And it is funny, and surprising, and hugely touching. Just watch it, and tell me what you think.

It's definitely going on the 'Approved Films' list.

IF YOU HAVE WATCHED THE MOVIE...scroll down further

If you watched it for the first time, was it anything like how you thought it would be? I can't really remember what I thought the first time I watched it, but it really stuck in my mind as a wonderful love story, a cautionary tale and a celebration.

Re-watching brought all that back plus a big dose of nostalgia. The clothes, the music, the sets, the cars, the colours. Everything was perfect.

I can't remember the last time I saw a movie where the main protagonist was an older woman. Think about that. At first glance this film is about a dislocated young man trying to find his way in an uncaring, yet pampered, world. But really it is all about Maude, even though we are left with so many questions about her and her life.

We need more people like Maude in the world. And more movies about them.

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